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Physics Coordination

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ALICE Physics Working Groups


Physics Working Group Public link (ALICE internal) Conveners
Flow and Correlations PWG-CF (internal) Alice Ohlson, You Zhou
Dileptons and Quarkonia PWG-DQ (internal) Hugo Pereira , Torsten Dahms
Photons, Neutral Mesons PWG-GA (internal) Friederike Bock, Dmitry Peresunko
Heavy Flavour PWG-HF (internal) Xiaoming Zhang, Alessandro Grelli
Jets PWG-JE (internal) Leticia Cunqueiro Mendez, Tatsuya Chujo
Light Flavour Spectra PWG-LF (internal) Anders Garritt Knospe, Stefania Bufalino
Ultraperipheral and Diffraction PWG-UD (internal) Evgeny Kryshen, Guillermo Contreras Nuno
Monte Carlo generators and Minimum Bias Physics PWG-MM (internal Antonio Ortiz Velasquez, Paolo Bartalini



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