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Get Started: Administrative procedures

On this page, you can find useful information concerning the administrative procedures that every new collaborator must complete upon his/her arrival to CERN (a complete information is available here.)

A new member can be either USER (present at CERN) or we can also register you as "EXPERIMENT EXTERNAL" (PART) if you are not coming to CERN but need to work remotely from your institute.
Both status allow you to get CERN computing account.

For those who need a visa (collaborators from outside the Schengen area), please consult the following page.



The team Leader has to initiate the pre-registration of his/her new member via the  PRE-REGISTRATION TOOL (PRT) :

PRT was introduced to ease further the registration at CERN and to help minimizing delays for the "newcomers" that could occur due to incomplete documents when registering and in being granted access to the site and to computing resources.
PRT can not be used for a change of status or change of institute.

1) Once the registration at the Users Office is done, go to bldg 55 to get your CERN access card (7:30-17:30 non-stop).

2) Contact or by phone +41 22 767 7777 (77777 from a CERN phone) to get you login and temporary password for the CERN computer accounts if you not already have them.

4) Follow the computing security course to validate your accounts.

5) Present yourself at the ALICE Secretariat (301-R-029)

6) Follow the general safety courses (levels 1&2, 3 and 4 if necessary).


Users and Experiment Externals (PART) are aregistered in the Alice GLANCE database. This gives you access to ALICE facilities  (for instance : Indico pages).

1) Please fill in the ALICE Registration form (file attached at the end of page) and send it to the secretariat either by e-mail or by fax (+41 22 766 75 30) with a copy of your passport.

Should you need an office during your stay at CERN, please feel free to visit us.



CERN provides a high quality hostel service: please visit their web site.

Bookings are possible 6 months prior to your visit. There are no block bookings for ALICE weeks.

If the hostel is full, there's a wide range of hotels in France and Switzerland with which CERN has preferential rates. The list can be consulted on the housing service's web site.

Please note that the PART status does not entitle you to book a room at the CERN hostel.



A CERN drivin authorization is mandatory to use CERN cars. The request has to be done on EDH.
A driver ID is also required. You can either contact Catherine Montagnier : or pass by the building 124.



If you need to work in the zones for which you need a dosimeter, please address to the Dosimetry service.

Everything you need to know about shifts is available here