First round of an LHC-wide mentoring program

Submitted by jcachet on Wed, 09/23/2020 - 07:21

It is with pleasure that we, the LHC Early Career Mentorship Committee (ALICE, ATLAS, CMS & LHCb), announce the first round of an LHC-wide mentoring program


The goal of this program is to connect young scientists who are interested in a career in research with researchers who are established in the field. Each mentee-mentor relationship will have its own set of specific goals, as proposed by the mentee and agreed upon with the mentor. 


An application form needs to be filled out by both mentees [1] and mentors [2] (see attachments). This program is open to all researchers working on a CERN experiment, regardless of demographics. We especially encourage applicants who identify with underrepresented groups. We plan to pair mentors and mentees from different experiments, though if a mentee wishes to have a mentor from the same experiment, that will be taken into consideration. The applications are open now until 17th October 2020. We expect to do matching in early November 2020 and that pairing will continue through to September 2021. For the first round, we will be limiting the program to 20 mentor-mentee pairs.


If you are an early-career researcher and think you will benefit from advice from an experienced researcher about the next steps in your career, or if you are an experienced researcher who is willing to help out an early-career researcher develop their professional skills, then this is the right program for you! Follow the links pasted below, sign up and be a part of this wonderful endeavour.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us from your CERN email address.


Best regards,

LHC Early Career Mentorship Committee

(The Junior Community in ALICE

The ATLAS Early Career Scientist Board (ECSB)

The CMS Young Scientists Committee (YSC)

The LHCb Early Career, Gender and Diversity Office)

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