Reopening of the ALICE secretariat on site

Submitted by gmesaper on Thu, 07/02/2020 - 19:12
This is to inform you of the reopening of the ALICE secretariat as from next week, 6th of July 2020, from 8h30 to 12h30 on a daily basis.
In rotation, one of us will be present at the secretariat while the others will continue to work remotely, until further notice. 
We would like to draw your attention on specific safety instructions related to the Covid-19 risk, since the secretariat had to be reorganized to be in line with new regulations.
When entering the secretariat, you must :
  • Respect the new flow of circulation, entrance and exit are no longer done via the same door, you will need to follow the signs and marks on the floor;
  • Wear a mask;
  • Disinfect your hands (hydro alcoholic gel is at your disposal at the entrance of the secretariat);
  • Identify yourself on a notebook to keep track of your visit;
  • Respect the limit of maximum 2 visitors at the same time;
  • Respect the social distancing of 2 meters;
  • Not touch common surfaces.
We would like to kindly ask you to take note of the following applying changes in the secretariat:
  • The stationary is now closed to public, in case you need material, we invite you to ask us directly and we shall be able to give you what you need;
  • The use of the printer situated inside the secretariat (301-R029-HPSEC1) is no longer possible, please use the printer-scanning-copy machine (301-RCOR-CANON1) located in the corridor next to the entrance;
  • Our Shop is closed to public until further notice, nevertheless if you really need to purchase item(s), please consult our webpage dedicated to the shop and contact us by e-mail at least one day before, we will be pleased to prepare your order you would pay and collect at the secretariat during the opening hours. No clothes try-on is authorised. If an item does not fit we will not be able to replace it, we thank you in advance for your understanding;
  • Coffee machine and EDEN water dispensers are no longer available, until further notice.
In addition, when you have booked one of the ALICE conference room, please note :
  • Keys of our meeting rooms are available in the outbox, outside in the corridor. Please, take time to disinfect them before returning, disinfectant and hydro alcoholic gel are at your disposal next to the keys;
  • The rooms’ capacities have been decreased, until further notice: room 160/1-009 can welcome a maximum of 12 persons, room 160/R-009 can welcome a maximum of 7 persons and room 301/R-007 can welcome only 1 person.
Now, be aware that before returning to CERN, you must :
  • Check your CERN O.C.2 access right in ADAMS before coming onsite, if you need access, please send an e-mail to ALICE-covid19-coordination mailing list asking to be added on the access list as the access to CERN is still restricted;
And once at CERN, you must :
  • Collect your Personal Protective Equipment (such as masks, gloves, hydro alcoholic gel, disinfectant, wipes or plastic shield/screen protection) at the two self-service points : at P2 (building 3294/R-001) or next to the ALICE secretariat (coffee room 301/R-027);
  • Respect the CERN COVID-19 related health and safety measures;
  • Be aware no ALICE visits are possible until 1st October 2020.
We also would like to remind you that the use of shared office is strongly discouraged, if not possible to do otherwise we invite you to inform us.
FYI, the CERN Territorial Space Officer (TSO) of your building is also here to help and assist you. You can find his/her name at this link.
When Entering your personal office :
  • Mask is mandatory only if somebody else is visiting the office (or to go out of the office);
  • In case someone is visiting the office, the 2 meters distance shall be respected and the visit shall be as limited as possible in time;
  • It is recommended to disinfect the door handle once a day;
  • The A/C used for comfort shall be turned OFF;
  • The window shall be kept open as much as possible, but at least 10 minutes every 2 hours;
  • The door shall be kept open as much as possible;
  • Standard fans are allowed to be used to help circulation of fresh air, e.g. from open windows.
Finally, we would like to give you miscellaneous info regarding life at CERN :
  • Users’ Office : is closed to the public until further notice. For urgent matters, please send an email to or contact Gaelle Duperrier (+ 41 75 411 8314).
  • Novae restaurants :
    • R1 is now open for eating in from 7h to 15h, 7/7. NEW! It is possible to order your meals in advance via click and collect : ;
    • Please note that all other CERN restaurants and cafeterias remain closed.
    • Vending machines are refilled with snacks, sweets, drinks (hot and cold), no more fresh products will be maintained.
  • The Post office and the UBS Bank work with the same opening hours as before;
  • Mail office: standard mails reception and sorting (Post CH & FR still operational), standard outgoing mail, deliveries, and collections in offices minimum 3 times a week. Express and registered mail service (inbound and outbound) is maintained.
  • CERN Shuttle service : The gradual reopening of the CERN site will allow the shuttle service to restart the circuit 2 (Prévessin via Foyer Schumann) from Monday June 15th 2020 onwards. The other circuits will remain inactive until further notice.
  • All the information you need at your fingertips :
CERN official documentations :

We look forward to seeing you soon and please do not hesitate to contact us (every working days from 8h30 to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 17h30) by e-mail or telephone as we do work remotely as well and are happy to continue to assist or advise you in the best possible way regardless the situation.

With our very best regards,
Nathalie, Guylaine & Julia