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QCD@LHC 2013, September 2-6, 2013, at DESY Hamburg (Germany)


Dear colleagues

we are happy to announce the 4th international workshop

QCD@LHC 2013, September 2-6, 2013, at DESY Hamburg (Germany)

QCD@LHC 2013 is aiming to instigate discussions and future work between experimenters and theorists,
working on strong interactions at the LHC.
The programme comprises both soft and hard QCD, jet, top and Higgs physics at LHC and Tevatron, PDFs and
theoretical aspects of higher order calculations, resummation and event simulation.

We will have talks to raise the key questions of the field, overview plenary talks,
parallel sessions for hard QCD, PDFs and multi-parton dynamics covering the important details of the different topics and  time
for interesting discussions in all sessions.

A preliminary schedule of the program as well as information on accommodation can be
found at

To allow a proper planning we would like to invite you to register for this workshop not
later than July 2013.

For the parallel sessions we invite you to submit abstracts if you want to present your recent work.

Looking forward to a interesting and stimulating workshop

The organising committee (M. Diehl, A.Glazov, H.Jung, J.Katzy, B.Kniehl, S.Moch and Z.Nagy)