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International Conference on the Initial Stages in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions (IS2013)


IS2013 - First announcement


This is the first announcement of the International Conference on the Initial Stages in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions (IS2013), to be held at Hotel Louxo, Illa da Toxa, Galicia - Spain, in September 8-14 2013. Please, distribute this announcement among your colleagues. A web site is available




New experimental results at the LHC and RHIC colliders and novel theoretical tools developed in the last years, are leading to an unprecedented knowledge of the collective dynamics at play in high-energy nuclear and hadronic collisions. Progress in our understanding of the initial-state of strongly interacting matter, from the saturated partonic structure of nuclei to its hydrodynamical evolution, is very remarkable. The latest results from (p)dAu collisions at RHIC and the recent 5 TeV proton-lead run at the LHC are being actively confronted to a new generation of theoretical analyses. 


The meeting will be focused on the discussion of the present experimental and theoretical knowledge of the partonic structure of protons and nuclei; the corresponding conditions at the initial stages of the collision, including the role and nature of fluctuations; the subsequent hydrodynamical evolution; and the determination of viscosity or other medium properties. Providing a framework for cross-talk among different subfields is one of the main goals of the conference.




- Nuclear parton distribution functions

- Gluon saturation

- The initial stages of heavy-ion collisions

- Global and collective dynamics

- Hydrodynamics and fluctuating initial conditions

- Viscosity and other transport coefficients of the QCD medium

- Strong coupling techniques

- Multi-parton interactions in p-A and A-A collisions

- Proton-nucleus and lepton-nucleus complementarity


Conference accommodation and venue


The conference will be held in September 8-14 2013 in Illa da Toxa (Galicia-Spain), a pleasant island joined to the mainland by a bridge. The hotel Louxo, where 

the conference Hard Probes in 2008 was also held, is on the seashore. All sessions, lunches and lodging for registered participants will take place at the hotel.


The price of the rooms is 420 Euros in a shared room or 620 Euros in individual room for the whole week. The price includes breakfast and lunch. 


A conference fee of 150 Euros, including coffee breaks, social events, proceedings, etc. is also requested. (A conference fee of 250 Euros will be asked if registered after July 15th).

Please, register as soon as possible through the conference web page



Abstract submission


Please submit your abstract through the conference site


before the deadline of July 7th 2013



Local and program organizing committee


Javier Albacete (Granada)

Federico Antinori (Padova and CERN)

Nestor Armesto (Santiago de Compostela)

Jorge Casalderrey-Solana (Barcelona)

Jorge Dias de Deus (Lisbon)

David D’Enterria (CERN)

Elena Ferreiro (Santiago de Compostela)

Guilherme Milhano (Santiago de Compostela and CERN)

Carlos Pajares (Santiago de Compostela)

Carlos Salgado (Santiago de Compostela)


International Advisory Committee


Jean Paul Blaizot

Helen Caines

Kari Eskola

Tim Gershon

Tetsu Hirano

Barbara Jacak

Sangyong Jeon

Dima Kharzeev

Takeshi Kodama

David Mateos

Sasha Milov

Berndt Muller

Jean-Yves Ollitrault

Mateusz Ploskon

Dirk Rischke

Paul Sorensen

Julia Velkovska

Raju Venugopalan

Johannes Wessels

Urs Wiedemann