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2 managing physicists (pay group TV-L E14, permanent positions) - PRISMA Cluster of Excellence at Mainz University


The newly established Detector Laboratory of the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence at Mainz
University (Faculty of Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science) is welcoming applications
for the following positions:

  2 managing physicists (pay group TV-L E14, permanent positions)
  one for each of the divisions Electronics and Detectors.

The positions are part of the new Cluster of Excellence PRISMA “Precision Physics,
Fundamental Interactions and Structure of Matter“, which focuses on key questions
concerning the fundamental constituents of matter and their implications for the physics
of the Universe. It consists of experimental and theoretical research groups working together
in the areas of astroparticle, high energy and hadron physics, nuclear chemistry, as well as
precision physics with ultra-cold neutrons and ion traps.

The main task of the PRISMA detector laboratory is to support experimental developments at the
cluster via realizing detector hardware and electronics as well as by fostering the
target-oriented and innovative research and development of new technologies. The Detector
Laboratory comprises three focus areas: electronics, photon detectors and TPC as well as tracking

We are looking for versatile and creative personalities with a Ph.D. in physics (or
equivalent competency) who show the technical and administrative skills to, together with
the scientific management team, transform the detector laboratory into a center of detector and
electronics development within PRISMA. This will involve the integration of existing
networks among the respective institutes. Successful candidates are expected to lead research
projects, instruct students, doctoral candidates and employees as well as to organize
seminars, trainings and workshops. Furthermore, the positions require an adequate
fulfillment of teaching responsibilities at the faculty.

Electronics Division: A present area of expertise at PRISMA lies in the area of fast
digital and trigger electronics by means of FPGAs and optical data transmission at the
highest bandwidth. Suitable candidates show comprehensive, longstanding and
internationally visible experience in detector electronics and thus offer a useful
complement or extension to the existing expertise at PRISMA.

Detector Division: Suitable candidates show comprehensive, longstanding and internationally
visible experience in researching, developing and constructing particle detectors. PRISMA
specifically welcomes applications by candidates with cross-technological expertise who can
foster the development of the two focus areas of photon as well as TPC and tracking
detectors at the detector laboratory.

Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) Mainz aims at increasing the percentage of women in
academic positions and strongly encourages female scientists to apply. JGU is an equal
opportunity employer and particularly welcomes applications from persons with disabilities.

Please submit your written application including all relevant records and up to three
central publications electronically at . Selection of
candidates begins after November 30, 2013. For more information please contact
Prof. Dr. U. Oberlack, Institute of Physics,