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Postdoctoral position at CEA/IRFU and CNRS/IPN Orsay


The ALICE groups of IRFU Saclay and IPN Orsay, invite applications for a 2 years postdoctoral
position in experimental heavy ion physics on the ALICE experiment at the LHC. The two groups at
IRFU and IPN have a long history of collaboration and both are strongly involved in the ALICE
forward muon spectrometer and its upgrade program. Our groups have recognized expertise in the
physics of the muon spectrometer, in particular in the physics of quarkonia in which we have a
leading role.

The selected candidate will be based in the Paris region and will work in close contact with the
Orsay and Saclay groups. The successful candidate is expected to be strongly involved in the
analysis of the Upsilon resonance in the dimuon channel in proton-­‐proton and Pb-­‐Pb collisions,
which is a key observable to characterize the Quark-­‐Gluon Plasma formed in heavy ions collisions
at the LHC. The candidate must have a Ph. D degree in nuclear physics or high-­‐energy physics.
Regular trips to CERN, in order to participate to the data taking and meetings are foreseen. A high
level of English and a good knowledge of C++ are required.

The P2IO LABEX, a network of laboratories in the Paris region, will fund the two-­‐ years position.
Therefore, applicants must have obtained their PhD  degree  no more than 6 years before the
beginning of the contract and not have received a grant from the P2IO LABEX, nor worked in a
laboratory associated of  P2IO LABEX for the 2 years preceding the beginning of the contract.

For further information please contact Dr. Alberto Baldisseri ( and Dr.
Christophe Suire (

The position will start in September 2014. Interested candidates should send a Curriculum Vitae, an
application letter and arrange to have 3 letters of recommendation to be sent to Dr. Alberto
Baldisseri ( and Dr. Christophe Suire ( before
March 31th 2014.

P2IO LABEX: http://www.labex-­‐
The list of laboratories members of P2IO can be found in the link below:
/www.  labex-­‐