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Project Management Structure

Project Leader: L. Musa
Deputy Project Leader: V. Manzari
Technical Coordinators: G. Aglieri, C. Gargiulo
WP1 (Physics Studies): A. Dainese
WP2 (Detector Simulation and Reconstruction): M. Masera, J. Belikov
WP3: concluded its activities in April 2017
WP4 (Sensor Post-processing): P. Riedler
WP5 (Sensor Characterisation and Mass Production): M. Mager, J. Van Hoorne
WP6 (Inner Barrel): A. Di Mauro, M. Keil
WP7 (Outer Barrel HIC): V. Manzari, S. Senyukov
WP8 (Outer Barrel Stave): S. Beole, P. Kuijer, L. Greiner
WP9 (Mechanics and Cooling): C. Gargiulo
WP10 (Electronics): P. Giubilato, J. Schambach 


Last update: October 20th, 2017