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Management board membership

Elected Members of the MB are nominated by the CB Chairperson in consultation with the Collaboration and the Spokesperson for election by the CB. Ex officio Members of the MB are the Spokesperson and Deputy(ies), the Coordinators, the CB Chairperson and Deputy.


EMCAL: C. LoizidesForward Detectors: W. Trzaska, ITS: V. Manzari, MFT: R. Tieulent, Muon Arm: A. Baldisseri, O2-FLP: P. Vande Vyvre, O2-EPN: V. Lindenstruth, O2-PDP: A. Morsch, PHOS: V.Manko, TOF/HMPID: A.Zichichi, TPC: H. Appelshauser, TRD: J. Stachel, Trigger: D. Evans


  • Minutes of the Management Board are available on the Web in the ALICE Management Board page.



Last update: September, 25th 2019