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UK Rutherford International Fellowship Programme

UK Rutherford International Fellowship Programme
A call is now live for applications for the Rutherford International Fellowship Programme (RIFP) which provides 2-year post-doctoral fellowships which can be undertaken at any STFC National Laboratories department in the UK.
Applicants need to have a PhD or 4-years equivalent research experience, and can’t have lived in the UK for more than 1 year in the past 3 years (there is a slightly different criterion for those returning from a career break).

Postdoc announcement - LPSC Grenoble

The French CNRS is opening a 2 year postdoctoral position in the ALICE group of the Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie (LPSC) in Grenoble, France. The LPSC is a joint laboratory affiliated to the CNRS and University Grenoble Alpes. It employs 70 researchers and conducts experimental and theoretical research in fundamental physics.

PhD position at Paris-Saclay University

The ALICE IPNO group is proposing a 3-year PhD position starting October 1st, 2017.
The group is strongly involved in quarkonium and charmed hadron production analysis and has also responsibilities in the Muon Spectrometer detector operations.
The successful applicant will work on the analysis of charmonium production in the pp and Pb-Pb collisions of the LHC run-II. Participation in running the experiment at CERN during data taking periods and contribution to service tasks for the Collaboration are also expected.


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