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Work Procedure at Point 2


If you are a Project Leader and plan to come to have a work done at Point-2, your work will be considered as a "Work Package", and you will be the "Work-Package Engineer" (WPE).

As a WPE, you have to make sure that your work will be carried on with the respect of the safety rules, safety procedures and work procedures in force at Point-2. (Being part of the LHC project, your work will be classified as category 1 according to Safety Instruction 50 (link to IS-50 in English or en Français).

The procedure BEFORE THE START OF WORK is the following :

Paper work (Procedures) before the start of the work at Point-2

1- If your work package will use the services of an outside company (except of the company dealing with official transports at CERN), you have to fill in a "Notice of Start of Work" or an "Avis d'Ouverture de Chantier" (AOC), preferably at least one month in advance.

1'- If your work will include fire sources (welding, brazing, even grinding of metals) you have to fill in a "Fire Permit" or a "Permis feu".

2- Each company intervening in the work must fill in a PPSPS (plan particulier de sécurité et de prévention de la santé)

Even if you do not employ an outside company, you have to fill in a simplified PPSPS (= Task Procedure) to describe the work to be done, including the risk assessment and risk mitigation, as well as the resources needed.

3- The PPSPS or Task Procedure is sent (among others) to the Experimental Area Manager and his deputy who will arrange a "Work-Package Analysis Meeting" where the consistency of the work will be analyzed, together with the planning, the resources needed and the safety.

4- You and the Work-Package Work Supervisor (the person who will realy supervise the day to day work of your work-package at Point-2) will have to be present at this meeting. The Safety Coordinator will also be present, and he will propose a date for the Safety Visit ("Visite d'Inspection Commune = VIC) to be done before the start of the work.

The recommendations stated in the report of the VIC must be followed during the work. Sometimes, the procedure must be changed and the resources adapted, and an iteration is needed. It is up to you to be on time with you paper work !

+ Each member of your personnel must be properly registered, have the proper access right, and have successfully attended the dedicated training (see "Safety courses" on the main Alice Safety page - More details in the Access and Safety Procedure document. )