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Permanent position at UNICAMP


UNICAMP has just opened  the application procedure for candidates interested in a permanent faculty position at the Physics Institute of UNICAMP.
The group is a member of ALICE, currently with two faculty members, David Chinellato and Jun Takahshi, and also a pos-doc, Ajay Kumar.
The hiring procedure starts with the application that is opened till September 23rd, and requires the candidates to present a few documents, CV and a scientific project.
We would very much like to have strong candidates from the ALICE collaboration, to further increase our contributions in ALICE, and we are sure that anyone that comes and works here with us would have a very active and successful career.
The registration procedure is open from Sep. 23rd 2013 till October 22nd 2013.

More detailed information on the application procedure can be found at:
Anyone interested should contact me

Informations of our institute can be found at :

Jun Takahashi and David Chinellato