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Post-doc position in the ALICE group at Padova for heavy flavour analysis



The University of Padova invites applications for a 2-year post-doc position on the ALICE experiment.

The ALICE group participates in the activities of the physics working group on heavy flavours (PWG-HF) and of the Inner Tracking System (ITS) detector project. It is involved in the preparation for the ALICE upgrade, in particular within the ITS upgrade project.

The selected candidate will work on heavy flavour measurements with data from Run-1 and Run-2 

and on the preparation of the new measurements with the ALICE upgrade. 

Applications should be sent by April 28, 2014, following the instructions published on the University website:


For more information, please contact:

Andrea Dainese (

Marcello Lunardon (

Rosario Turrisi (