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Postdoc announcement - LPSC Grenoble

The French CNRS is opening a 2 year postdoctoral position in the ALICE group of the Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie (LPSC) in Grenoble, France. The LPSC is a joint laboratory affiliated to the CNRS and University Grenoble Alpes. It employs 70 researchers and conducts experimental and theoretical research in fundamental physics.
The ALICE LPSC team, which is composed of 5 permanent members and 4 PhD, has had a major role in the development, construction and commissioning of the electromagnetic calorimeters (EMCal/DCal) and is now actively involved in its operation and related physics topics such as neutral particles and jets.
The foreseen research project will focus on the study of parton energy loss in a QGP with the ALICE experiment at the LHC. The selected candidate will be based at Grenoble and will make regular trips to CERN. He is expected to take a leading role in the physics analysis pursued by the LPSC group like photon-hadron correlations (especially for p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions), jet (inclusive production in pp and Pb-Pb collisions, fragmentation and shapes) or heavy flavor (b-jet tagging in p-Pb collisions with Run 1 and Run 2 data) measurements. Such an analysis could be fruitfully extended with performance assessment for the upgraded ALICE ITS.
The selected candidate will benefit from unique synergies at work with the theory group of the LPSC laboratory and established international collaborations with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Universities to strengthen his on-going studies or foster new scientific ideas.
Applicants, who must hold a Ph.D. in experimental physics at the time of the appointment (October 2017 or earlier), should prepare a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, a statement of research interests, and arrange at least one recommendation letter to be sent to:
Pr. Christophe Furget (, team leader of ALICE LPSC group.
E-mail inquiries are welcome and should be addressed to Pr. Christophe Furget (