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New position for performance engineering in HPC


New position for performance engineering in HPC
There is an open position for performance engineering at the Goethe University Frankfurt. The successful applicant shall analyze complex scientific software, such as the ALICE software and help develop improvements for increased performance. This can include vectorization, parallelization, possible use of GPGPUs, optimization of data structures, etc. If needed tools shall be developed to help effectively identify weaknesses in the code and help the user improve in writing efficient code. Frankfurt is currently acquiring a new supercomputer and is also trying to improve the utilization of the machine.
The position is embedded in the high performance computing group at Frankfurt. It is funded to 2+1 years. We are looking for a Ph.D. physicist or computer scientist with good experience in software development and some background in computer architecture. 
Please send applications or inquiries to
Prof. Dr. Volker Lindenstruth
www: /