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The Collaboration Board (CB) is composed of one representative from each Member Institute. Members of the Management Board are ex-officio members of the CB.

Chairperson: J. Harris

Four elected ad personam: A. Bhasin; P. Braun-Munzinger; M. Masera; D. Zhou

The institutes which are members of the ALICE collaboration with their team leaders are listed here

The following projects/systems are represented by their PLs:
DAQ: P. Vande Vyvre, HLT:  V. Lindenstruth, EMCAL: C. Loizides ,  ITS: L. Musa, Muon Arm: A. Baldisseri, PHOS:  V. Manko, TOF: A. Zichichi, TPC: H. Appelshauser, TRD: J. Stachel, Trigger: D. Evans, and all other detectors: J-J.Gaardhoje (appointed by consensus)

Ex-officio members: Spokesperson and Chair of the Managment Board: F. Antinori, Deputy Spokespersons: 
T. Nayak, B. Hippolyte
Collaboration Board Chairperson: J. Harris
Deputy Collaboration Board Chaiperson: S. Masciocchi
Physics Coordinator:  M. Van Leewen; Technical Coordinator:  W. Riegler; Resources Coordinator: A. Telesca ; Offline Coordinator: P. Buncic

Juniors' representatives : M. Varga-Kofarago, J. Wilkinson and F. Flor

Invited:  Run Coordinator: G. Luparello; Editorial Board Chairpersons: D. Dobrigkeit  and Y. Chiara Pachmayer; Conference Committee Chairperson:R. Averbeck, P. Antonioli ; Trigger Coordinator: M. Gagliardi ; Invited : T. Cormier


Last update: May, 3rd 2019