Management board membership

Elected Members of the MB are nominated by the CB Chairperson in consultation with the Collaboration and the Spokesperson for election by the CB.

  • The following projects/systems are represented by their PLs:
EMCAL: C. LoizidesForward Detectors: W. Trzaska, ITS: V. Manzari, MFT: R. Tieulent, Muon Arm: A. Baldisseri, O2-FLP: P. Vande Vyvre, O2-EPN: V. Lindenstruth, O2-PDP: A. Morsch, PHOS: V.Manko, TOF: A.Zichichi, TPC: H. Appelshauser, TRD: J. Stachel, Trigger: D. Evans



Last update:July 1st, 2020