ALICE Diversity Office

Diversity and Inclusivity in ALICE:

The ALICE Collaboration embraces and values the diversity of its team members and colleagues. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for all people regardless of their nationality/culture, profession, age/generation, family situation, and gender, as well as individual differences such as but not limited to ethnic origin, sexual orientation, belief, disability, or opinions provided that they are consistent with the Organization’s values.


Our mandate and scope

  • advise collaboration members and management about diversity matters
  • promote diversity initiatives and maintain diversity web pages
  • monitor diversity issues and report periodically to the collaboration
  • liaise with diversity offices at CERN and in other LHC experiments

Useful links

  • CERN Diversity office.
  • CERN Ombuds
  • CERN's response channels for inappropriate behavior, misconduct and harassment.
  • The CERN Diversity and Inclusion Program has released a handbook that serves to assist in adopting a more inclusive approach towards persons with disabilities. It can be found 
  • For the ALICE rainbow logo, click here.


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(International Women's Day - 8 March 2021)


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