Service Work

In order to ensure the full success of ALICE operation and data taking during LHC Runs 3 and 4, a list of tasks identified as service work is established and maintained, which concerns detector maintenance, operation, calibration, quality control, data processing and outreach, as well as coordination and managerial roles in ALICE.


The allocation key is the number of M&O-A members in a team or cluster. Practically, an M&O-A member is a person signing ALICE publications who is not a doctoral student, e.g. postdocs, scientific staff and highly skilled engineers. Doctoral students have a personal obligation of providing 6 months of service work throughout their thesis. Service work of doctoral students is credited to their team or cluster.


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Data Preparation Group, Project Leaders:



Service Work

Massimo Masera
(Turin, Italy)

Members of the service work board

  • Junior Representative:  Nicola Rubini
  • Collaboration Board Representative:  Edmundo Garcia-Solis
  • Resource Coordinator:  Matteo Castoldi  (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Run Coordinator:  Andrea Ferrero  (Saclay, France)
  • Run Coordinator Deputy: Robert Helmut Munzer (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Technical Coordinator: Werner Riegler  (Geneva, Switzerland)


Ex-officio members