The ALICE experiment at CERN will start collecting data with upgraded detector after LS2. The ALICE upgrade addresses the challenge of reading out and inspecting the Pb-Pb collisions at rates of 50 kHz, sampling the pp and p-Pb at up to 200 kHz. ALICE O2 project meres online and offline into one large system with ~8400 optical links, data rate 1.1 TB/s, data storage ~60PB/year.
From DCS O2 requires continuous data flow with ~100 000 conditions parameters for event reconstruction. Data has to be injected into each 50ms data frame. DCS-O2 interface consists of electronics and software modules for configuring CRU controllers and provide continuous dataflow to O2 system. We describe the architecture and functionality of the ADAPOS mechanism. We will discuss the requirements and results obtained during the test campaign. We will also provide a description of a new front-end access mechanism allowing for detector control in parallel to the data acquisition.


  • Project Leader, Technical Coordinator and System Run Coordinator: 
    Andre Augustinus (Geneva, Switzerland)

  • Deputy Project Leader, Deputy Technical Coordinator, Deputy System Run Coordinator: 
    Peter Chochula (Geneva, Switzerland)