Conference Committee

The ALICE Conference Committee is responsible for the oversight and management of all oral and poster presentations given at scientific conferences on behalf of the Collaboration.It coordinates all aspects of conference presentations, with the goal of equitable distribution of talks across the collaboration, effective quality assurance, and efficient procedures.


Conference Committee Chairs

 Marie Germain

Cristina Terrevoli

Conference Committee Members

  • Livio Bianchi
  • Ante Bilandzic
  • Zaida Conesa del Valle
  • Domenico Elia
  • Paraskevi Ganoti
  • Marie Germain (chair)
  • Alessandro Grelli
  • Peter Jacobs
  • Evgeny Kryshen
  • Klaus Reygers
  • Dieter Roehrich
  • Enrico Scomparin
  • Iwona Sputowska
  • Cristina Terrevoli (chair)
  • Valentina Zaccolo


ex officio

  • Spokesperson: Marco Van Leeuwen
  • Deputy Spokespersons: Kai Schweda, Bedangadas Mohanty
  • Collaboration Board Chairperson: Marielle Chartier
  • Deputy Collaboration Board Chairpersons: Grazia Luparello, Siegfried Foertsch
  • Physics Coordinator: Alex Kalweit
  • Deputy Physics Coordinators: Igor Altsybeev, Roberta Arnaldi
  • Editorial Board Chairs: Javier Castillo Castellano, Francesco Prino