Editorial Board

The Editorial Board (EB) is responsible for the oversight and management of the publication process for all ALICE publications, conference proceedings, and internal and public technical and analysis notes, with the purpose to guarantee an efficient procedure and an effective internal quality assurance for ALICE publications in a timely manner. 

Publication procedure

The publication before submission needs to be approved by the appropriate body (project leader or Physics Working Group) and by all authors of the publication.


The pre-approval should start when the publication is submitted to the EB. The publication will be returned to the corresponding author in the absence of this pre-approval.


The publication should be sent to the EB chair who will distribute it to the other members of the EB. The submission of the publication should be made in such a way that it allows the EB at least two weeks to guarantee a proper review process. The EB will not guarantee a review process on a shorter timescale even if this means missing a submission deadline.


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Editorial Board Chairs

Zaida Conesa Del Valle

(Orsay, France)


Francesco Prino

(Turin, Italy)

Editorial Board Members

Ex-officio members