Software, Physics Data Processing and Computing Coordination

Software, Physics Data Processing and Computing (SDC) Coordination is responsible for the overall management of the activities related to the software development, the computing and the processing of physics data. It acts in close collaboration with the O2-PDP project, and includes the activities of the Data Preparation Group, Data Analysis Coordination, and Grid Coordination.



Software, Physics Data Processing and Computing (SDC) Coordination

Andreas Morsch
(Geneva, Switzerland)


O2-Physics Data Processing

  • Project Leader: Andreas Morsch
  • Deputy PL: Peter Hristov
  • System Run Coordinator: David Rohr
  • Deputy SRC: Ole Schmidt
  • Technical Coordinator: Ruben Shahoyan


Data Preparation Group (DPG)


The Data Preparation group is responsible for steering and coordinating the reconstruction of the data collected by Alice and the preparation and the execution of the Monte Carlo simulations.

It is in charge of organizing the Quality Assurance of the reconstructed and simulated data (at the detector, tracking and particle identification levels) and of developing and improving the Quality Assurance tools for future runs.

The third area of responsibility of the DPG is in the preparation and maintenance of the Analysis Objects and Tools, which includes the production, maintenance, quality assurance and bookkeeping of the AOD (Analysis Object Data) files, as well as the coordination of the groups working on event selections and properties and track selections and properties.




GRID Operation


Open Data