ALICE Physics Organization

Physics Board

The Physics Board (PB) coordinates and assesses activities concerning physics analyses and measurements. These activities are the focus of eight Physics Working Groups (PWGs), whose conveners are members of the PB. The PB also acts, in close connection with the Editorial Board and Conference Committee, as the steering group for the preparation of physics publications, notes and oral presentations.


The Physics Board formulates proposals to the MB and to the TB for the optimization of physics performance and the definition of running conditions. The activities of the PB and PWGs are presented in regular ‘Physics Forum’ meetings open to all Members of the Collaboration.

PB meetings

  • Weekly Meetings (open to the Collaboration after minutes approval, 5-6 days after the meeting)

PB minutes

Public physics results

Internal physics documents


Physics Coordination



Alexander Philipp Kalweit
(Geneva, Switzerland)

Igor Altsybeev
(Munich, Germany)

Roberta Arnaldi
(Turin, Italy)





PWG-CF -Correlations and flow 



PAG: Correlations  


PAG: Event-by-Event / Fluctuations 

PAG: Femtoscopy

PAG: Flow   

PWG-DQ - Dileptons and Quarkonia 



PAG: J/psi electron decay


PAG: Quarkonium muon decays


PWG-EM - Electromagnetic probes



PAG: Low-mass dielectrons


PAG: Photons and neutral mesons

PWG-HF - Heavy Flavour



PAG: Hadronic Decays of Heavy Flavours


PAG: Heavy Flavour Leptons (Electrons and Muons)

  • Nicole Bastid
  • [alice:PWG-HF-PAG-Heavy-flavour-decay-leptons-Coordinator:1:link]


PAG: Heavy Flavour Correlations


PAG: Heavy Flavour Jets

(cross-PWG PAG with PWG-JE)


PWG-JE - Jets



PAG: Inclusive Jets and hard Photons


PAG: Jet Substructure


PAG: Heavy Flavour Jets

(cross-PWG PAG with PWG-HF)




PWG-LF - Light Flavour



PAG: Resonances


PAG: Strangeness


PAG: Nuclei and Exotica

PWG-MM - Monte Carlo generators and Minimum Bias physics 



PAG: Rivet and Generators   


PAG: Luminosity 


PAG: Multiplicity 

PAG: Underlying Event 

PWG-UD - Ultra-peripheral Collisions and Diffraction



PAG: ​Ultra Peripheral Collisions


PAG: Diffraction

  • Paul Buhler
  • Rainer Schicker


PAG: Cosmics



Composition of the Physics Board

Physics Coordination

Conveners of the Physics Working Groups (PWGs)

Ex- officio members:


Invited members:



Other groups and activities in the physics area

Machine Learning and Statistics

  • ALICE Machine Learning group (coordinators: Francesco Mazzaschi, Fabio Catalano): meetings; CERN ML group 
  • ALICE Statistics group (chair: Davide Pagano, members: Claude Pruneau, Peter Hristov, Karel Safarik, Jouri Belikov, Ruben Shahoyan, Sergey Voloshin): mailing list


Inter-experiment groups with LPCC (LHC Physics Centre at CERN)