ALICE Physics Organization

Physics Board

The Physics Board (PB) coordinates and assesses activities concerning physics analyses and measurements. These activities are the focus of eight Physics Working Groups (PWGs), whose conveners are members of the PB. The PB also acts, in close connection with the Editorial Board and Conference Committee, as the steering group for the preparation of physics publications, notes and oral presentations.


The Physics Board formulates proposals to the MB and to the TB for the optimization of physics performance and the definition of running conditions. The activities of the PB and PWGs are presented in regular ‘Physics Forum’ meetings open to all Members of the Collaboration.

PB meetings

  • Weekly Meetings (open to the Collaboration after minutes approval, 5-6 days after the meeting)

PB minutes

Public physics results

Internal physics documents


Physics Coordination



Andrea Dainese
(INFN Padova, Italy)

Cvetan Cheshkov
(ip2i Lyon, France)

Leticia Cunqueiro Mendez



Physics Working Groups (PWGs) and Physics Analysis Groups (PAGs)

PWG-CF -Correlations and flow 



PAG: Correlations  

  • Lukasz Graczykowski
  • Hua Pei


PAG: Event-by-Event / Fluctuations 

  • Mesut Arslandok
  • Tapan Nayak

PAG: Femtoscopy

  •  Valentina Mantovani Sarti 
  • Helena Rogochaya

PAG: Flow   

  • Rihan Haque
  • Katarina Gajdosova 

PWG-DQ - Dileptons and Quarkonia 



PAG: Low mass electron pairs

  • Elisa Meninno
  • Daiki Sekihata


PAG: J/psi electron decay

  • Fiorella Fionda
  • Cristiane Jahnke


PAG: Quarkonium muon decays

  •  Laure Massacrier
  • Luca Micheletti




PWG-GA - Photons and neutral mesons  




















PWG-HF - Heavy Flavour



PAG: Hadronic Decays of Heavy Flavours

  •  Fabrizio Grosa
  •  Xinye Peng 


PAG: Heavy Flavour Leptons (Electrons and Muons)

  • Antonio Uras
  • Martin Volkl



PAG: Heavy Flavour Correlations and Jets

  • Fabio Colamaria
  • Robert Vertesi

PWG-JE - Jets




















PWG-LF - Light Flavour



PAG: Resonances

  •  Enrico Fragiacomo
  • Jihye Song


PAG: Spectra

  • Nicolo' Jacazio 
  •  Vytautas Vislavicius


PAG: Strangeness

  • Lee Barnby
  • Roman Lietava


PAG: Nuclei and Exotica

  •  Alberto Caliva'
  • Maximiliano Puccio

PWG-MM - Monte Carlo generators and Minimum Bias physics 



PAG: Rivet and Generators   

  • Antonin Maire
  • Roberto Preghenella


PAG: Luminosity 

  • Jesus Guillermo Contreras Nuno
  • Martino Gagliardi


PAG: Multiplicity 

  • David Dobridgekeit Chinellato
  • Beomkyu Kim

PAG: Underlying Event 

  • Chiara Oppedisano
  • Sushanta Tripathy

PWG-UD - Ultra-peripheral Collisions and Diffraction



PAG: ​Ultra Peripheral Collisions

  • Adam Matyja
  • Igor Pshenichnov


PAG: Diffraction

  • Paul Buhler
  • Rainer Schicker


PAG: Cosmics

  • Bruno Alessandro
  • Mario Rodriguez





Composition of the Physics Board

Physics Coordination

Conveners of the Physics Working Groups (PWGs)

  • PWG-CF: I. Altsybeev, L. Fabbietti
  • PWG-DQ: M. Weber, M. Winn
  • PWG-GA: F. Bock, M. Germain
  • PWG-HF: A. Dubla, C. Terrevoli
  • PWG-JE: F. Krizek, M. Verweij
  • PWG-LF: L. Bianchi, R. Lea
  • PWG-MM: P. Christiansen, V. Zaccolo
  • PWG-UD: M. Broz, S. R. Klein

Ex- officio members: