The Physics Data Processing project is charged with providing the common software infrastructure (build, test and deployment tools), software components and frameworks for the calibration, reconstruction, simulation, analysis, and visualization for the ALICE Online/Offline Upgrade (O2). It is also providing an interface to the conditions database and is in charge of overall data management, including the disk storage buffer. It develops and operates the distributed computing infrastructure that combines the computing and storage capacity of the ALICE computing facility at P2 with the WLCG.

The O2-PDP Project is organised in 8 Work Packages

WP03 Common Tools and System Infrastructure (I. Hrivnakova)

WP04 O2 Software Framework (G. Eulisse)

WP09 Event Display (J. Myrcha)

WP10 Calibration and Constant Data Base (Costin Grigoras)

WP12 Detector Simulation (R. Preghenella, S. Wenzel) 

WP13 Reconstruction and Calibration (R. Shahoyan)

WP14 Analysis and Facilities (P. Hristov, J.F. Grosse-Oetringhaus)

WP15 Data Management (L. Betev)

  • Project Leader: Andreas Morsch
  • Deputy Project Leader: Peter Hristov