The ALICE Newsletter No. 150




  •    Endorsements from the ALICE Collaboration Board meetings (March 2021):
    •    New Deputy physics coordinator (from 1 July): Alexander Kalweit takes over from Leticia Cunqueiro Mendez.
    •    Editorial Board Members
           We thank Guillermo Contreras Nuno, Massimo Masera, and Michael Weber who have ended their EB terms.
      •    Alice Ohlson (new member)
      •    Alexandru Dobrin (new member)
      •    Orlando Villalobos Baillie (new member)
      •    Giuseppe Bruno (2nd term)
      •    Christian Klein-Boesing (2nd term)
      •    Sarah La Pointe (2nd term)
    • Conference Committee Members
      We thank Siegfried Foertsch and Orlando Villalobos Baillie  who have ended their CC terms.
      •    Roberto Preghenella (2nd term)
      •    Domenico Elia (new member)
      •    Dieter Roehrich (new member)
      •    Evgeny Kryshen (new member)
      •    Anders Knospe (new member)
  •       New institutes:
    •    Member Institute: Saga National University, Japan (Team Leader: Takahiro Fusayasu (in cluster with Nagasaki-IAS)).
    •    Associate Member Institute: Moratuwa University, Sri Lanka (Team Leader Indika Perera).


                 Frequently Asked Questions: COVID FAQ page.

  •    CERN's current teleworking measures are in place until mid-May.
  •    Evolution of COVID-19 cases at CERN can be found here.
  •    A new strategy is under development that defines a COVID scale reflecting risk and corresponding measures, including access on-site at CERN. This will allow a gradual approach towards ‘normal’ conditions, with measures matching risk. Details are in the link here.
  •    Vaccination campaigns are being rolled out in both Host States. Details are in the link here.
  •    Additional measures in place in the Department of Ain (France), which can be found here.
  •    Measures in Switzerland: On 14 April, the Swiss Federal Council decided to continue its strategy of taking cautious, gradual steps towards reopening:  Press release.

For any information and support regarding the quarantine period contact

    •    ALICE secretariat opening next week: Monday 19 April from 8h30 to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 17h30.
      Nathalie, Guylaine, and Julia remain accessible by phone and email



        All publications of the ALICE Collaboration submitted to Refereed Journals are in the link here.

          New ALICE paper submissions appear in twitter: ALICE_Publications


          New ALICE paper submissions appear in twitter: ALICE_Publications

          NEWS FROM POINT 2

          Surface commissioning, commissioning at P2 and lab. and remote commissioning are progressing well for all central and subsystems.
          Details of the commissioning activities are in the
          link here: The main highlights of this week:


          •    TPC:  One partition in a test system equipped with cooling fins in a clean room. Rssi current stable since one week. 1 batch of fins will be available soon to equip one TPC sector. First dE/dx spectrum extracted from cosmic runs.
          •    ITS:   Full OB (RU/PU/Staves) powered  and continuously monitored with DCS. Finalization of trigger fibers ongoing.
          •    MFT:  Full MFT chip temperature survey performed and all disk temperatures within expectation. Readout integration (QC and DPL workflows) and software development ongoing.
          •    MW4: Milestone Week4 is ongoing. ECS-DCS integration for SoR/EoR, full system tests, and combined runs with online data processing are being tested.
          •    ALICE onsite and remote shifts: Tests of several remote operation sites will start. Shift booking description are in the link here. More detailed information will be announced soon.


          CURRENT CONFERENCES AND SCHOOLS (starting this week)
          SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES (events within 3 months or deadline within 1 month)
          •    CHARM2020, Mexico City, online, 31 May - 4 June, abstract deadline 15 May.
          •    LHCP 2021, Paris, France, 7-12 June, poster abstract deadline 19 April.
          •    Sustainable HEP, CERN - online, 28 - 30 June 2021, abstract deadline 16 May.
          •    OFFSHELL2021 - CERN - online, 6-9 July 2021, abstract deadline 15 June.
          •    ISMD2021 - Pitlochry, Scotland - online, 12-16 July 2021, abstract deadline 15 June.
          •    EPS2021 - Hamburg, Germany - online, 26-30 July 2021, centralised abstract submission, abstract deadline 7 May.
          •    vConf2021, Stavanger, Norway - online, 2-6 August, abstract deadline 17 May.
          •    Future of Open Science OAI12, CERN - online, 6 - 10 September 2021, abstract deadline April 27.
          •    PSD12, Birmingham, UK - online, UK, 12-17 September 2021, abstract deadline 6 May.



          Application deadline
          PhD Programmes Calls and Admissions University of Padova (contact: Andrea Rossi) 12 May 2021
          Two Postdoc positions to work on ALICE and/or STAR/sPhenix Wayne State University
          Contact: Prof. Sergei A. Voloshin / Prof. Joern Putschke
          15 May 2021
          Post-doc position in relativistic Heavy-Ion phenomenology The High Energy Nuclear Physics group at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) 26 April 2021
          Postdoctoral position LHCb CNRS/IN2P3 and Clermont Auvergne University 27 April 2021
          Postdoctoral position in High Energy Physics at ATLAS The AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH UST), Krakow  
          Associate Professor Research Center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP) at Osaka University, Japan 31 May 2021
          Detector physicist The PRISMA Detector Laboratory at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany 30 April 2021
          Research Assistant/Associate in LHCb University of Cambridge 30 April 2021
          Postdoctoral researcher position in ALICE The Quark Gluon Plasma Laboratory (LQGP) of CEA Paris-Saclay 20 April 2021
          Postdoctoral Research Associate (ATLAS) California State University, East Bay, and US-ATLAS 30 April 2021
          Assistant Project Scientist (EIC Project) University of California, Riverside 30 May
          Postdoctoral Research Associate Warsaw University of Technology (STAR Group) 30 April
          POLONEZ BIS funding scheme programme Polish National Science Centre  
          ALICE junior postdoctoral research position IJCLab, Orsay 1 May



          •    CERN group guided tours on site are cancelled until the end of June 2021 at least.
          •    ALICE Virtual visits are announced in the official CERN catalogue:
          •    Open Virtual visits to ALICE: Guides willing to help, either from CERN Point 2 or from remote locations, please contact

                        Virtual visits to ALICE was held on 12 April, attended by 60 visitors.
                        The next open virtual visit (in Italian) will be on Tuesday 19 April (indico link).

              •    Weekly activities open to everyone at CERN: from relaxing coffee meetings to High Intensity Training. CERN colleagues have put together a series of activities to help us stay connected in these challenging times. Find out what's coming up in the link here.
              •    A new video on the TPC upgrade is in the CDS link.


              ALICE Diversity Office website can be accessed here.