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      • Next Physics Forum Dates for 2024
        • 19 June (during mini-week)
        • 21 August (during Hard Probes previews)
        • 2 October (extra-ordinary)
        • 6 November (mini-week)
        • 4 December (during physics week)





      Papers currently open for comments can be inspected using the link: Paper in Collaboration Review (Open for Comments).


      • Shift booking opportunities:
      • SL Block: 22 June to 27 June
      • SL Block: 4 July to 9 July

        Shifts booking via SAMS.

      • ALICE Run Manager (13 - 26 May): Minjung Kim
      • LHC and P2 news:
        • LHC:
          During the past weekend, the LHC successfully completed the Van der Meer scan program for all experiments and resumed proton-proton physics production. Operations were interrupted on Tuesday due to a fault of the cryogenics compressors in sector 1-2, followed by large losses when going into collisions. Regular operations with stable beams have been finally resumed on Wednesday and will continue until the start of MD2 on 5 June.
        • P2 operations:
          ALICE has successfully completed the proton-proton Van der Meer scans a top energy in the night between Saturday and Sunday. In preparation for the VdM fills, the solenoid and dipole magnets polarity was switched from negative to positive. The ZDC detector was successfully re-commissioned last Friday and included in the low-rate physics runs collected during the scan of the other experiments. After the completion of the Van der Meer scan program, we switched the magnets back to negative polarity and resumed physics production at 500 kHz visible interaction rate.


      SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES (events within 3 months or deadline within 1 month)


      CC webpages:

      Special announcement and dates of major conferences in 2024
      •  LHCP2024, Boston, USA, 3 - 7June
      • SQM 2024, Strasbourg, France, 3 - 7 June
      • ICHEP 2024, Prague, Czech Republic, 17 - 24 July
        • Hard Probes 2024, Nagasaki, Japan, 22 - 27 September
          • Abstract deadline 25 May 2023 : Central submission EXCEPT for posters: Direct Submission by presenters
          • Early registration deadline: 15 July

            JUNIOR'S CORNER

            Message from Junior representatives (Bianca, Florian, Luca):

            OUTREACH NEWS

            • ALICE Visits this week:
              • Saturday 18 May 2024 the 8th Secondary School in Gdansk, Poland
              • Tuesday 21 May 2024 Colleague’s family, Italy
              • Wednesday 22 May 2024 Haberdashers school for girls, UK
              • Thursday 16 May 2024 Washington and Lee students, USA
              • Friday 24 May 2024 Elekta service team, Austria
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            Application deadline

            24 May Part-time Associate Editor for Physical Review D (PRD) APS, New York 30 Jun 2024
            24 May 2-year postdoc position in the Belle II Trieste group to work on physics analysis INFN, Trieste 19 Jun 2024
            24 May Engineering position for detector development Valencia University 31 Dec 2024
            24 May Postdoctoral position with the LHCb experiment CPPM, Marseille 12 Jun 2024
            24 May Postdoctoral Positions in Experimental Particle Physics The Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHEP, CAS) 30 Nov 2024
            24 May PhD in Fundamental Physics Max Planck Inst., Heidelberg University 17 Jun 2024
            24 May Postdoctoral position to work on QCD and its high-temperature limit with CMS Rome University 25 Jun 2024
            24 May Postdoctoral research associate position in Experimental High-Energy Nuclear Physics The Korean ALICE experiment group (KoALICE)  
            24 May Electronics Technical Engineer (SY-ABT-BTE-2024-73-LD) CERN 17 Jun 2024
            24 May Electronics Technician (SY-RF-LIS-2024-74-LD) CERN 19 Jun 2024
            24 May Mechanical Designer (EP-LBO-DO-2024-69-LD) CERN 20 Jun 2024
            17 May Research Fellow / Software Engineer to be based at CERN, Geneva – The ALICE Experiment at the CERN LHC The University of Birmingham
            Contact: Professor David Evans
            1 Oct 2024
            17 May Faculty position in Experimental Neutrino Physics University of Rio de Janeiro (IF-UFRJ) 11 Jun 2024
            17 May Postdoctoral Research Fellows for Calorimeter R&D Tsung-Dao Lee Inst., Shanghai 30 Jun 2024
            17 May Postdoctoral fellow - physics performance and characterization studies of SiPMs for Ring Imaging Cherenkov (RICH) at the Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) INFN and University of Calabria 6 Jun 2024
            17 May Postdoctoral Research Fellows on ATLAS experiment Tsung-Dao Lee Inst., Shanghai 30 Jun 2024
            17 May Senior Postdoc and Advanced Fellowship positions King’s College London 21 Jun 2024
            17 May Electronics & Computing Engineer for Detector Control System CERN 14 Jun 2024
            17 May Project Scientist for the ATLAS Experiment UC, Santa Cruz 20 Jun 2024
            10 May Scientific Research Specialist Florida State University 1 Aug 2024
            10 May Marie Curie fellowship in LHCb/CODEX-b Eotvos University 31 Jul 2024
            10 May Postdoctoral Research Position Brown University 15 Jun 2024
            10 May Postdoctoral position on DUNE (M/F) CNRS LAPP (Laboratoire d’Annecy de Physique des Particules) 7 Jun 2024
            10 May Postdoctoral Researcher – Particle Physics / Rare Decay TRIUMF 29 Jul 2024
            10 May Assistant Professor (only for women) The University of Tokyo 30 Jun 2024
            10 May Joint Professorship (hadron physics) The Ruhr-Universität Bochum and GSI 31 May 2024
            3 May PhD Project in High-Energy Heavy-ion physics (ALICE Experiment) Niels Bohr Institute
            Contact: Prof. You Zhou
            15 Jun 2024
            3 May Postdoctoral Fellow UNAM, Mexico 21 Jun 2024
            3 May Applied Research Associate for Machine Learning on FPGAs Brookhaven National Laboratory 22 Nov 2024
            3 May Postdoc position on future fast-timing detectors (ATLAS) Nikhef, Amsterdam, Nijmegen U., IMAPP 31 May 2024
            3 May Junior Professorship for Experimental Particle Physics University of Freiburg 5 Jun 2024
            3 May Postdoctoral Associate Virginia Tech., Blacksburg 1 Jun 2024
            26 Apr Staff position in detector physics The Institute for Research on the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (IRFU) at CEA Paris-Saclay 14 Jun 2024
            26 Apr EU funded Marie Skłodowska Curie Action Postdoctoral Fellowships (CMS) University of Split 30 Jun 2024
            26 Apr Postdoctoral Fellowship, ATLAS Experiment University of Alberta 30 Jun 2024
            26 Apr Postdoc: CMS High Granularity Calorimeter Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) 14 Jun 2024
            26 Apr AI Postdoctoral Position in HEP Puerto Rico Univerrsity 17 June 2024
            26 Apr Postdoctoral position in theoretical high-energy nuclear physics Sophia University, Japan 31 May 2024
            26 Apr Postdoctoral Associate MIT Laboratory of Nuclear Science 1 Jun 2024
            19 Apr ALICE Postdoctoral position Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
            Contact: Marcelo Munhoz
            31 May 2024
            12 Apr Postdoctoral Research Associate on Neutrino Software & Computing and Physics Brookhaven National Lab. 7 Jan 2025
            5 Apr Postdoctoral position on the ATLAS experiment CEA Paris-Saclay 30 Jun 2024
            5 Apr PhD Positions in Direct Dark Matter Searches University of Zurich 31 May 2024
            5 Apr Postdoctoral Associate (CLAS12 experiment ) MIT 1 Jun 2024
            5 Apr MSc/PhD Positions in Experimental Particle/Nuclear Physics University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada 31 May 2024
            5 Apr PhD position: "Design of a monolithic silicon pixel detector with adaptive rate for particle physics" CEA, irfu 31 May 2024
            5 Apr Postdoctoral position at the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics (ATLAS) Charles University, Prague 14 Jun 2024
            29 Mar Research Associate (Nuclear Theory) BNL 31 May 2024
            22 Mar Postdoctoral Research Associate (Stationed at Jefferson Lab) Mississippi State University 31 May 2024
            15 Mar Permanent academic position in accelerator physics and/or medical physics involving accelerators Royal Holloway, University of London 3 Jun 2024
            15 Mar Postdoctoral Positions in Muon Imaging / Muography experiments Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, Shanghai 31 May 2024
            1 Mar Theoretical Physicist (TH-SP-2024-5IC) CERN 31 May 2024
            23 Feb Postdoctoral Research Associate Florida State University 30 Jun 2024
            16 Feb Research Physicist Brookhaven National Laboratory 31 May 2024
            16 Feb Postdoctoral Research Associate Brookhaven National Laboratory 31 May 2024
            2 Feb PhD Research Fellow in Experimental Heavy-Ion Physics (ALICE) Oslo University 30 Jun 2024
            19 Jan Postdoc Position in Experimental Particle Physics The Institute of Modern Physics(IMP), Lanzhou 31 Aug 2024
            19 Jan Graduate Student Positions in Experimental Nuclear/Particle Physics: GlueX/JEF Experiments University of Regina 31 May 2024

            Please refer to the Job Announcements link for details.




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