The ALICE Newsletter No. 296



  • Next Physics Forum Dates for 2024
    • 13 March (extra-ordinary)
    • 10 April (during mini-week)
    • 15 May (during SQM+LHCP approvals)
    • 19 June (during mini-week)
    • 21 August (during Hard Probes previews)
    • 2 October (extra-ordinary)
    • 6 November (mini-week)
    • 4 December (during physics week)



All publications of the ALICE Collaboration submitted to Refereed Journals are in the link here.


Title Internal Submission
24 Jan 2024


New ALICE paper submissions appear in twitter: ALICE_Publications


Papers currently open for comments can be inspected using the link: Paper in Collaboration Review (Open for Comments).


  • Shift booking is open for the whole 2024 run!
    • The booking includes 2 periods:
      • 19 Feb - 24 Sep 2024: shifts open to any member of the collaboration, reservation via SAMS. It represents 86% of the available shifts.
      • 25 Sep - 28 Oct 2024: Heavy Ion shifts, reservation via SAMS restricted to collaborators that have a valid "Expert" permission. If you have experience as central shifter and are willing to commit for this exciting data taking period, but you are not yet identified as Expert for your preferred shift role, do not hesitate to contact the Run Coordination !
    • One of the pre-requisites for booking central shifts is to have an ACTIVE SLIMOS permission for the duration of your shifts. The status of all permissions can be checked in the SAMS profile. The SLIMOS permission has to be renewed every 3 years by following the corresponding e-learning course and passing the test, as described here.
    • All informations related to shifts and operations are described in the ALICE Operation Website.
    • We would like to thank all institutes that already committed to the ALICE operations!
    • Several critical blocks are still available, in particular during the first two weeks of operations:
      • SL blocks from 2 March 2 to 9 March
      • ECS blocks from 2 March to 7 March
  • ALICE Run Manager (19 February - 2 March 2024): Stefano Panebianco
    Stefano is a physicist from CEA-Saclay in France, with a decade-long expertise in the measurement of the nucleons structure and the dynamics of gluons. He is a specialist in particle detection with silicon-based sensors, and the Project Leader of the Muon Forward Tracker (MFT).

    During his mandate Stefano has the charge of restarting the global commissioning through COSMICS and SYNTHETIC data taking, and the testing of new features, in particular the restarting of runs in the same environment and the implementation of non-critical tasks.
  • YETS 2023-2024:
  • Restart of P2 operations:
    This week we restarted the ALICE P2 operations with regular central shifts. The shift crew is focusing on the global commissioning through COSMICS and SYNTHETIC data taking, and the testing of new features, in particular the restarting of runs in the same environment and the implementation of non-critical tasks. In parallel the maintenance of detectors is still ongoing, before the closure of the cavern in the beginning of March.
  • LHC beam operations will resume on 11 March 2024
  • Underground access stops 5 March 2024
  • First stable beams at injection energy are expected around 20 March 2024
  • Ongoing: detector maintenance and global commissioning of central systems


SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES (events within 3 months or deadline within 1 month)


CC webpages:

Special announcement and dates of major conferences in 2024:
  •  LHCP2024, Boston, USA, 3 - 7June
    • Support for participation: deadline 1 March
  • ICHEP 2024, Prague, Czech Republic, 17 - 24 July
    • Abstract deadline: 29 February  (central submission except for posters)
    • Support for participation: deadline 25 April
  • SQM 2024, Strasbourg, France, 3 - 7 June
    • Abstract submission: 23 February (central submission except for posters)
    • Student support: deadline for application 23 Feb
  • Hard Probes 2024, Nagasaki, Japan, 22 - 27 September



Message from Junior representatives (Carolina, Florian, Luca):

  • The election for a new junior representative (replacing Carolina Reetz) is NOW OPEN. Here is the Link to Vote.

    There you also find further information about the three candidates: Bianca Sabiu (Bologna, IT), Brian Gerald Hanley (Wayne State, US) and Gleb Romanenko (Bologna, IT). The elected candidate will be announced during the JUNIORS DAY on March 07.
  • ALICE Theses website
  • Guidelines for ALICE Thesis Video: a ~3 min video summarizing the key results of PhD thesis.


  • ALICE virtual visits: Virtual Visits to the cavern and ARC possible during YETS. Virtual visits are highly beneficial for remote audiences, standalone or in combination with local events. To book a virtual visit, contact the ALICE outreach team at the e-mail address: alice-outreach-virtual-visits
  • ALICE Visits:
    • Saturday 17 February 2024
      • Bedwas High School, UK
      • CC-IN2P3 students, France
      • ALICE members’ friends, Switzerland, Germany, Italy
    • Sunday 18 February 2024
      • ALICE member’s friends, France
    • Monday 19 February 2024 
      • ALICE member’s friends, Poland
    • Tuesday 20 February 2024 
      • The Bishop’s Stortford High School, UK
      • Ridgewood High School, UK
      • Arts@CERN (Joanna Bruckner)
      • KBio Health, South Korea
      • Professional visitors from FCC
    • Wednesday 21 February 2024
      • Department of Physics and Astronomy, Ghent University, Belgium
      • Linux Foundation, USA
      • ALICE member’s friends, Switzerland
      • Professional visitors from FCC
    • Thursday 22 February 2024
      • 3rd General Lyceum of Keratsini, Greece
      • The American College of Greece, Greece
      • Civil Service Leadership Group, UK
      • CERN IT Department
      • Polish mission
    • Friday 23 February 2024
      • American Farm School, Thessaloniki, Greece
      • Liceo Volta, Riccione, Italy
      • ALICE members' friends, Slovakia, Germany, UK
  • ALICE virtual visits
    • Friday 23 February 2024 virtual visit for ALICE masterclasses, Torino, Pavia, Italy
    • Friday 23 February 2024 virtual visit for ALICE masterclasses, Trieste, Italy
  • International Masterclasses 2024:
    Friday 23 February 2024 ALICE masterclasses  held by Trieste, Heidelberg, Pavia, Prague CTU, Cagliari and Torino
  • From Academia to Industry: Wednesday 7 February 2024: "From colliding lead-ions at CERN to engineering the future of transportation" by  Dr Jan Urbahn (Canoo Technologies, Dallas).








Application deadline

23 Feb Postdoctoral position on CMS LLR, Palaiseau 22 Mar 2024
23 Feb Postdoctoral Research Associate Florida State University 30 Jun 2024
23 Feb Associate Professor in Applications of Particle and Nuclear Physics for Health SUBATECH, Nantes, IMT Atlantique 31 Mar 2024
23 Feb Silicon Detector (ATLAS) Queens Mary University 18 Mar 2024
23 Feb Applied Physicist (Computing) for Event Filter Tracking, ATLAS CERN 21 Mar 2024
23 Feb Postdoctoral Researcher position (ALICE) University of Jyvaskyla 31 Mar 2024
23 Feb DevOps Technical Engineer (IT-PW-WA-2024-21-LD) CERN 28 Mar 2024
16 Feb Real-time data acqusition code developer (permament staff) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 15 Mar 2024
16 Feb PhD Research Fellow in Accelerator Physics at the University of Oslo University of Oslo 29 Feb 2024
16 Feb Research Physicist Brookhaven National Laboratory 31 May 2024
16 Feb Postdoctoral Research Associate Brookhaven National Laboratory 31 May 2024
16 Feb PostDoc in Experimental HEP Vilnius University 31 Mar 2024
9 Feb Experimental Physicist (EP-DI-2024-2-LD) CERN 17 Mar 2024
9 Feb Phd fellowship in Experimental Particle Physics (ALICE) Niels Bohr Institute
Contact: You Zhou
31 Mar 2024
9 Feb Three-year PhD position (ALICE) IJCLab, CNRS and Paris-Saclay University. Contact: Cynthia
2 Feb PostDoc - Neutrino group IFJ PAN, Kraków 1 May 2024
2 Feb Postdoc Position - "Data reduction at the High Level Trigger of the CMS experiment" University of Pisa 23 Feb 2024
2 Feb Postdoctoral position in high-energy phenomenology/computational physics University of Oslo 14 Apr 2024
2 Feb Doctoral Positions in Experimental and Theoretical Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics TU Darmstadt 31 Mar 2024
2 Feb Postdoc position, CLAS12 and EIC University of California, Riverside 31 Mar 2024
2 Feb Excellence Track in Physics University of Mainz 31 Mar 2024
2 Feb Lecturer University of Manchester 11 Mar 2024
2 Feb Director of the Center for Nuclear and Particle Physics at the Faculty of Physics Vilnius University 5 Mar 2024
2 Feb PhD Research Fellow in Experimental Heavy-Ion Physics (ALICE) Oslo University 30 Jun 2024
26 Jan Research Associate in Experimental Particle Physics (CMS) University of Virginia 15 Mar 2024
26 Jan Postdoctoral Fellow in the ALICE experiment group Nuclear Physics Institute, Rez.
Contact: Filip Krizek
1 Mar 2024
26 Jan Junior staff position in experimental hadron physics IRFU, Saclay 5 Mar 2024
19 Jan Postdoctoral Fellow in the STAR experiment and the ePIC experiment Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences 1 Mar 2024
19 Jan Tenured Faculty position in Experimental High Energy Physics Rio de Janeiro State University 28 Feb 2024
19 Jan Postdoc Position in Experimental Particle Physics The Institute of Modern Physics(IMP), Lanzhou 31 Aug 2024
19 Jan Graduate Student Positions in Experimental Nuclear/Particle Physics: GlueX/JEF Experiments University of Regina 31 May 2024
19 Jan Senior Technology Engineer/ Technology Architect BNL 8 Mar 2024
12 Jan Postdoctoral position on the cms tracker upgrade for HL-LHC UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) 29 Feb 2024
15 Dec Development of innovative CMOS pixel detector for the STCF experiment USTC, Hefei 29 Feb 2024
8 Dec Postdoctoral Position in High-Energy Nuclear Physics: JETSCAPE/XSCAPE-focus Vanderbilt University 1 Mar 2024
10 Nov PhD positions in experimental particle physics University of Manchester 31 Mar 2024
27 Oct Postdoctoral Associate Experimental Particle Physics and Physics Education Research Cornell University 17 Apr 2024
11 Aug Postdoctoral Position in Neutrino Physics Boston University 31 Mar 2024

Please refer to Job Announcements link for details.

Have a nice weekend and a great week ahead!

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