The ALICE Newsletter No. 172




         Recent health measures:   A reminder of the COVID-19 measures in place

         Frequently Asked Questions: COVID FAQ page.

  • Wearing of Proximeters is again mandatory at CERN, even in level 2 - Yellow: as clearly reminded in last week's Covid news
  • Strong take up for Self-testing at CERN: Self-testing at CERN is for those coming on-site and exhibiting no symptoms. If you have symptoms, even mild ones, do not come on site, contact the COVID Helpline at +41 22 766 7777 to arrange for an RT-PCR test at the Proxilis medical laboratory in Meyrin.

    e-learning module for self-testing is available here. Sign-up for a self-test using the Plamed tool.

    There are 11 self-testing points at CERN, the list and map locations for them are available here.

  • A COVID vaccination centre at CERN will be opening on the CERN site in building 693 on 27 September for anyone holding a CERN access card and either resident in France or a French national. To sign up for a vaccination at CERN, call the COVID Helpline at +41 22 766 7777, from Tuesday 21 September. Full details will be made available shortly on the COVID-19 information webpages at

    Vaccination is readily available in Geneva at several sites, including some without appointment: see the page here.
  • Applying to convert a Foreign Vaccination Certificate into a French Covid Passe Sanitaire and Requesting a COVID certificate in Geneva: Follow the link here.
  • The use of COVID passes: CERN has introduced the use of the certificate as of 13 September for public site visits, events in the Globe, and exhibitions. A COVID certificate is not required for professional access to the site.
  • Measures in France: Since 8 September, the COVID certificate (pass sanitaire) has no longer been required to access shopping centres in departments where the incidence rate is below 200 per 100 000, and has been falling for at least seven days. Full details of the measures in France may be found here.
  • Measures in Switzerland: As of Monday 13 September, a COVID certificate has been required to access indoor areas of restaurants, cultural and leisure facilities, and events held indoors. See the Council’s press release for full details are here.
  • Travel:
    - France updated its classification of countries as green, orange or red on 10 September: details are here.
    - There are currently no countries requiring quarantine on arrival in Switzerland. See here for details.

    For any information and support: contact



    All publications of the ALICE Collaboration submitted to Refereed Journals are in the link here

    New ALICE paper submissions appear in twitter: ALICE_Publications


    New ALICE paper submissions appear in twitter: ALICE_Publications


    ALICE is in the global commissioning phase:

    • Shift Booking:
        • We are missing DCS and SL/ECS blocks in September and October. We are entering extremely important phases for the pilot beam test preparations. Therefore, having DCS and SL/ECS shifters is crucial.
          • Main data taking and commissioning activities:
            • ITS+MFT+TPC+TOF combined runs with EPN workflow and all QCs.
            • TPC and TRD will start Kr calibrations ongoing and will finish this week.
            • ITS, MFT, and TPC are progressing with calibrations.
            • LHC_IF verified Luminosity publication with T0 and V0 DCS data point.
            • MCH ST2 commissioning ongoing.
            • Next week, we will integrate MID, MCH, and TRD.  

          LS2 Schedule:




          CURRENT CONFERENCES AND SCHOOLS (starting this week)
          • TWEPP 2021, CERN - online, 20-24 September
          • NUCLEUS 2021, St. Petersburg, Russia - hybrid, 20-25 September
          • KKIO 2021, Krakow, Poland, 21-22 September
          • Low-x 2021, La Biodola, Elba, Italy, 26 September - 1 October
          SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES (events within 3 months or deadline within 1 month)
          • TWEPP 2021, CERN - online, 20-24 September
          • NUCLEUS 2021, St. Petersburg, Russia - hybrid, 20-25 September
          • KKIO 2021, Krakow, Poland, 21-22 September
          • Low-x 2021, La Biodola, Elba, Italy, 26 September - 1 October


          Application deadline
          Tenure-track Assistant Professor Ohio State University 30 Nov 2021
          Two JLab/EIC postdoc positions University of Glasgow 13 Sep 2021
          Assistant Professor in experimental elementary particle physics The School of Basic Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) at EPFL 15 Nov 2021
          Postdoctoral Fellow in ATLAS Oklahoma State University 1 Oct 2021
          Post-Doctoral Fellow(s) in Particle Phenomenology and Applications of Machine Learning at Colliders SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi, India and
          Institute for Collider Particle Physics, University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa
          25 Sep 2021
          Postdoctoral Research Associate Wayne State University
          Contact: Prof. Claude A. Pruneau,
          31 Oct 2021
          Research Associate / Assistant Professor (Research), non tenure-track Wayne State University
          Contact: Prof. Sergei A. Voloshin
          15 Nov 2021
          Postdoctoral fellowship in heavy-ion physics with LHCb Leprince-Ringuet Laboratory, CNRS 13 Oct 2021
          DESY-Fellowships – experimental particle physics DESY 30 Sep 2021
          Assistant Professor of Physics University of Michigan 1 Nov 2021
          Calorimeter detector physicist CERN 23 Sep 2021
          Accelerator Physicist CERN 21 Sep 2021
          Rokos-Clarendon Associate Professor of Experimental Neutrino Physics University of Oxford 11 Oct 2021
          Post Doctoral Scholar Lehigh University (Professors Rosi Reed and Anders Knospe) listed until
          1 Feb 2022
          Faculty Position in Experimental Elementary Particle Physics The School of Basic Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) at EPFL 15 Nov 2021
          Particle Physics Division Head Fermilab 30 Sep 2021
          Postdoctoral fellowships The Muon Radiography team of the center for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology (CP3) of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium 1 Oct 2021


          • COVID Level 2: CERN is gradually reopening to visitors. Details are in the CERN visits website.
          • Virtual, VIP and press visits are already taking place regularly: indico link.
          • ALICE underground visits: are now open to people having a valid CERN access card, with a limited number of visitors, and in respect of special COVID rules. The guidelines are documented here.
          • ALICE Virtual Visits: are announced in the official CERN catalogue. A list of open virtual visits is announced in the Visits link.

            ALICE needs volunteers for virtual as well as underground visits. Virtual visits require having 2 or 3 guides. If interested, please get in touch with  alice-visits, or alice-outreach-virtual-visits
          • ALICE LEGO Model has been designed by both high school and university students in Germany as part of a workshop series organised jointly by Christian Klein-Boesing, Marcus Mikorski and Sascha Mehlhase.
          • CERN Alumni Second Collisions (1-3 October)
          • Weekly activities open to everyone at CERN: from relaxing coffee meetings to High Intensity Training. CERN colleagues have put together a series of activities to help us stay connected in these challenging times.


          ALICE Diversity Office website can be accessed here.


          Have a great weekend and a great week ahead!