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ALICE Organisation

The ALICE Collaboration is run by the boards and Comittees which are listed in the "organisation" link. The management structure of the Collaboration is outlined in the ALICE Constitution, which can be found in e link: ALICE Constitution.

ALICE  Projects

ALICE consists of several detector systems and systems for data taking as well as data analysis. These are managed by individual projects. A list of all ongoing and approved projects along with their functions are given in the ALICE Projects link.

ALICE Calendar

ALICE regularly organises "ALICE weeks", "Mini-weeks", and "Physics weeks".

  • ALICE weeks are composed of Plenary sessions on status of various groups within ALICE, topical talks, events organised by Juniors, and boards meetings.

  • Mini-weeks include physics and technical forums, boards meetings, and group meetings.

  • Physics weeks tend to involve more in-depth discussion on individual physics topics.

ALICE events of the month is displayed in this link.

The Indico page for the ALICE meetings are in this link.

The ALICE yearly calendar are in the links for 2020 and 2021.

ALICE at LHC Point-2
During the regular operation of the LHC, data-taking is supervised by the Run Coordination. Data taking period , shift assignements, and other details of the run coordination can be found at this link.
  • Run Coordination
  • Data taking Shift
  • Safety at Point 2
  • Access to the underground cavern at P2
  • Visit to P2

ALICE Physics

The Physics Group is organised in various subgroups:

  • Physics Working Groups /PWGs) specialed and focus on particular areas of the ALICE physic program.
  • These are further divided into smaller, even more specialised groups called Physics Analysis Groups (PAGs).

The descriptions of each PWG and PAG are given in the link here.

ALICE Publications and Documents

  • The link to the ALICE publications along with Public and Analysis notes are linked to this page.
  • Guideline for Documents submission to the ALICE Editorial Board and to the ALICE Conference Committee can be found in the document link.
  • ALICE documents link on the main tab provides links to Technical Documents, CDS documents, Thesis, Figures and Photos Depository.



The Editorial Board is reponsible for refereeing and subsequent approval of relevant publications concerning both physics and technical papers including contributions to proceedings, and internal notes.

More information can be found here,



Conferences committee coordinates all aspects of conference presentations, selecting conference speakers. More information about workshops, conferences and how to participate can be found here.



Data Analysis Resources

Data analysis is conducted using ROOT and rhe ALICE software AliRoot and AliPhysics. Details are given here:

  • ROOT
  • GitHub
  • AliRoot
  • Information about the Grid Framework (AliEn)
  • Status of grid jobs using MonALisa

Data Preparation Group (DPG)

DPG takes care of basic processing and quality assurance of the data and Monte Carlo productions. The DPG group activities are here.

ALICE Juniors

If you are a bachelor's, master's or PhD student, a person whose PhD was awarded within the last 5 years, or a person whose university degree was awarded within the last 8 years, you are considered a "Junior". The junior's group hosts activities, provides resources, and has a voice in the Collaboration Board and Management Board through the Junior Representatives. More information can be found at this link.

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Diversity and Inclusivity in ALICE