PhD Thesis in ALICE

  • Detailed information about Ph.D Student Theses in ALICE may be found on ALICE GLANCE.
  • Finished Ph.D. Theses are stored on CDS.
  • A list of old theses in ALICE  can be found here.


Information about Ph.D. theses:

For team leaders

   1. Information on ongoing Ph.D Theses.

For PhD student (and supervisor)

   2. Manuscript of PhD theses are stored only on CDS.

   3. Rules for theses

1.  Information on ongoing Ph.D Theses

Ph.D Theses are stored only on the ALICE data base ACDB

On ACDB, the team leaders have to provide :

  • name of the PhD student
  • subject of the thesis
  • corresponding working group (only the main one!)
  • name of the supervisor with email (the supervisor has to be an ALICE member)
  • start date
  • expected end date

When you're on your institute page, you'll see all PhD Students of your institute. Those which have no thesis assigned yet, are marked with an 'Add Thesis' link.

After assigning a thesis this link will disappear and you can find the thesis for the student in your institutes below the institute member table. Please give all the information, it can be updated later.

Only the team leader can make these changes on ACDB. Errors have serious consequences e.g. authorship, M&O contribution,

2. PhD manuscripts

When a thesis is accepted at a university, the final version should be uploaded to the CDS link.
This can be done by the student or by the supervisor.

ALICE theses on CDS are visible for all.

3. Rules for theses:

A thesis is a work of the student (and the responsibility of the supervisor) and not a work of the Collaboration. As a consequence, results have to be labeled properly.
  • Figures with ALICE Logo must be either approved performance plots, preliminary or published results.
  • Never use  " work in progress".
  • Results obtained by the student (and not belonging to any category mentioned before) must be labelled "this analysis", "this work", "this thesis". 
  • The text must be clear in order  to avoid that these results are taken from a publicly available theses and considered erroneously as results of the ALICE Collaboration,