First Level Processor (FLP)

The O2/FLP project addresses the challenge of reading out the Pb–Pb collisions at rates of 50kHz, sampling the pp and p–Pb at up to 1 MHz. The resulting data throughput from the detector has been estimated to be greater than 3TB/s for Pb–Pb events, roughly two orders of magnitude more than in
The O2/FLP project is in charge of the FLP farm, its application software, and of general computing services such as the experiment control, the data quality control and the monitoring/configuration/logging infrastructure..

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Participating Institutions:

  • CERN 
  • Yale University 
  • Centro Fermi 
  • INFN Bari
  • GSI 
  • IFJ PAN 
  • Wigner Institute 
  • Amsterdam University (AUAS)
  • IRI Frankfurt 
  • Derby University