eRHIC/EIC eA Physics at Brookhaven - Postdoc

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eRHIC/EIC eA Physics at Brookhaven - Postdoc


Field of Interest: hep-ex, nucl-ex

Experiment: EIC/eRHIC






Position Requirements:  Requires a Ph.D. in experimental or theoretical nuclear or particle physics.


The Physics Department at BNL has an opening for a postdoctoral research associate position to work on studies and simulations for the e+A physics program at a future Electron Ion Collider (EIC). The realization of an EIC is of high priority for the QCD community in the US.  We are seeking a talented individual to actively participate in this effort and also take an active role in the development and evolution of e+A event generators. Experience in theoretical or experimental particle and high-energy nuclear physics as well as solid knowledge in computing and process modeling are highly desirable.


The anticipated goal of this project is to further strengthen the e+A program at an EIC through detailed studies of key measurements including the conjectured phenomena one hopes to observe (e.g. saturation).  This includes participation in conceptual design studies of detector configurations and the accelerator. The successful candidate is expected to take a leading role in the effort. Good communication skills are required in order to build an international effort around this project.


Candidates can view and apply for this job at the BNL web site:

Contact: Thomas Ullrich


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