Postdoc positions at Wayne State

Submitted by jcachet on Fri, 04/26/2019 - 09:21
Open Positions for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Experimental
Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics at Wayne State University.

The Experimental Relativistic Heavy-Ion group at the Department of Physics and
Astronomy of Wayne State University invites applications for up to two
postdoctoral research associate positions. Candidates should already, or will
soon, hold a Ph.D. in high energy particle or nuclear physics and have a
strong background in data analysis.  The Wayne State group (Professors W.J.
Llope, C. Pruneau, J. Putschke, and S. Voloshin) is a member of the ALICE
experiment at the LHC and the STAR experiment at RHIC. The group also
participates in the development of the physics program, and hardware
construction, for the upcoming sPHENIX experiment. The WSU experimental RHI
group also regularly benefits from close collaboration with a large local
theory group, which consists of key members of the theory collaborations

The successful candidate will conduct research and analyze the ALICE or STAR
data in a direction aligned with the group's interests. These interests
include chiral and polarization phenomena, 2- and multi-particle correlations,
critical phenomena, anisotropic flow, jet structure, tomography, and energy
loss. Applications including a C.V., a brief description of the research
interests, list of publications, and three recommendation letters should be
sent electronically to: Prof. Sergei A. Voloshin, (,
and/or Prof. William J. Llope ( The positions will remain
open until they are filled.