• Proximeters at CERN: Don’t forget to exchange your Proximeter for one with a firmware upgrade that improves security, usability and functionality. The exchange will begin on Monday 22 February. It will take about a month to exchange all the devices currently in circulation. Until you get your new device, you should continue to use the one you already have.
      • Proximeter Training: The online course “COVID-19 - Proximeter & Contact Tracing” is available via the Safety Training catalogue on CERN’s Learning Hub. To enroll, click here.

      Frequently Asked Questions: COVID FAQ page.

      New this week:

      - The Swiss list of at-risk countries is scheduled to be updated on 22 February: link here.
      - As regards mandatory tests to enter Switzerland, some exemptions have also been clarified, for example for children aged under 12 years old: link.
      - Swiss authorities will decide on 24 February about the easing of some measures in place, keeping in mind that every effort should be made to prevent a third wave. From 1 March, shops, museums and library reading rooms may be allowed to reopen, as well as outside spaces at zoos and botanical gardens, and at sports and leisure facilities. Private outdoor events for up to 15 people may also be permitted. See the Federal Council’s press release: link.

      For any information and support regarding the quarantine period contact

        • ALICE secretariat opening next week: Wednesday 24 February, from 8h30 to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 17h30.
          Nathalie, Guylaine & Julia remain available by phone and e-mail.



              New ALICE paper submissions appear in twitter: ALICE_Publications



              Papers currently open for comments can be inspected using the link: Papers in Collaboration Review (Open for Comments).

              NEWS FROM POINT 2

              • EMCal: MEB logic is implemented in SRU FW
              • FDD: All materials safely arrived at CERN. The detector is being assembled in the old FV0 room. Preparation for the installation on next Monday in progress.
              • ITS:  Installation and commissioning activities ongoing (electronics, data cable, cooling tube) . Replacement of damaged stave (L1_15) ongoing.
              • MCH:  6 out of 8 quadrants for Station 1 installed. Station 3, 4, and 5 commissioning (HV checks, grounding, leak checks, readout) ongoing.
              • MFT:    Service and DCS commissioning ongoing. FLP readout checkpoints (1 FLP, 2 CRUs corresponding to half-disks h0 d0 and h1 d4, with load balancing on the GBTx of each RU) passed.
              • TPC :  Cooling consolidation ongoing,  A side commissioning ongoing,  ROC at 100% (> 120 h) and only one trip occurred.  CRU UL (link based ZS) was installed and readout tests ongoing.
              • TOF: Cooling issue on racks which regard all the TOF SM was fixed by replacing heat exchangers. More replacement will be followed in this week.
              • Milestone Week2 (15-20 February): O2 integration and subsystem integration plans are ongoing this week.


                      CURRENT CONFERENCES AND SCHOOLS (starting this week)


                      SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES (events within 3 months or deadline within 1 month)
                        • Meson2021, Krakow, Poland - online, 17-20 May 2021, abstract deadline 28 February.
                          • vCHEP, CERN - online, 17-21 May 2021, abstract deadline 28 February (internal ALICE deadline 21 February).
                          • SQM2021, CERN/BNL - online, 17-22 May, abstract deadline 8 March (contact PWG conveners).
                          • Forum on Tracking Detector Mechanics, Frascati, Italy, 17-19 May, abstract deadline 22 March.
                          • ICRC 2021, Berlin, Germany - online, 12-23 July, abstract deadline 1 March.

                          OUTREACH NEWS

                              • Virtual visits: starting in March, open virtual visits to ALICE (for the general public) will be launched, announced on social media and by the CERN visits service. Those spending time at CERN and willing to become guides for the virtual visits, please contact to arrange training.
                              • Weekly activities open to everyone at CERN: from relaxing coffee meetings to High Intensity Training. CERN colleagues have put together a series of activities to help us stay connected in these challenging times. Find out what's coming up in the link here.


                                         ALICE Diversity Office website can be accessed here.


                              Have a great weekend and a great week ahead!