POLONEZ BIS funding scheme programme of the Polish National Science Centre (NCN).

Submitted by jcachet on Fri, 03/05/2021 - 12:06

As NCN states on it's dedicated website, "POLONEZ BIS is a fellowship programme for experienced researchers, co-funded by the European Commission and the Polish National Science Centre under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND grant. In three calls to be announced in 2021 and 2022, the programme will recruit 120 scientists from all over the world. They will move to Poland for 24 months to conduct their basic research in public or private institutions. The research component will be complemented by a series of workshops and an opportunity to cooperate with startups and non-governmental organisations during short-term secondments."

In general, "the programme guarantees excellent working conditions inclusive of a generous salary (€ 53.5 K a year, gross), a research grant (€ 50 K a year) and a comprehensive Research Leaders’ Training Programme enhancing both research-related and transferable skills."

This is a post-doc type position, but with your own research programme and funding. The applicant does not apply for a dedicated position within a group that is currently open (from the funding the group already has), but such a position is created for that person if the fellowship is awarded. The applicant prepares the research proposal and work plan for his/her future work and he/she is responsible for its realisation.

More information is available on the NCN dedicated website:


We at the Warsaw University of Technology can host interested applicants. If someone is interested can contact any of the WUT team members:

TL: Dr. Łukasz Graczykowski

Deputy TLs: Prof. Adam Kisiel, Dr. Małgorzata Janik

Other senior members: Dr. Georgy Kornakov, Dr. Tomasz Trzciński