Postdoctoral Associate on the ALICE experiment

Submitted by jcachet on Wed, 11/24/2021 - 13:35

Job description:

The ALICE Group in Finland at the Physics department of Jyväskylä University is seeking a qualified postdoctoral associate. The candidate should have a recent PhD in experimental nuclear or particle physics. The group is a member of the ALICE collaboration at LHC. The group profits from close collaboration with the QCD theory group at the department. The successful candidate will conduct data analysis within the ALICE Collaboration in the areas of the group’s interests (two- and multi-particle correlations, anisotropic flow in small and large systems and Bayesian analysis). This position is filled with the grant together with the local QCD group as a Center of Excellence by the Academy of Finland. Experiences with machine learning framework with python and high performance computing environments, and any other statistical learning tools are merits.
The position starts when the qualified candidate is found but earliest 1.1.2022.