PhD position on novel intelligent algorithms for real-time reconstruction for the HL-LHC Nikhef Amsterdam

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Nikhef is looking for a PhD candidate for the study of novel intelligent algorithms for real-time reconstruction to be deployed at HL-LHC. The successful candidate will start by studying the physics requirements and constraints of the various use cases, namely track reconstruction in ALICE,LHCb and a test-beam setup for prototype sensors. Requirements such as reconstruction efficiency and fake-rate as a function of particlemomentum will be considered together with constraints such as magnetic field configuration and detector geometry. Existing algorithms will be evaluated and expanded to incorporate timing information into the states of the Kalman filter. In addition, the PhD student will work in close collaboration with other FASTER PhDs and postdocs on the implementation and study of calibration methods that utilise reconstructed particle trajectories or groups (in time) of trajectories. The knowledge obtained will be applied to provide a demonstrator of reconstruction and calibration algorithms for a test-beam setup. The successful candidate is expected to become member of the ALICE Collaboration at CERN-LHC.
The deadline for applications is set for 1 June 2023.

More information as well as link for application can be found at the following link: