Conference Committee

The Conference Committee coordinates all aspects of ALICE Conference presentations, with the goal of equitable distribution of talks across the collaboration, effective quality assurance, and efficient procedures. The ALICE talk repository is here.


Conference lists in CC reports to Physics Board
Conference list from ALICE repository
Conference list from CERN Document Server
Conference list from SPIRES
Speaking opportunities invited/plenary/overview
Speaking opportunities contributed/parallel
Opportunities for students schools


ALICE Constitution
aspirin.pdf (word list of CC)
GuidelineEditing (wiki page of Editorial Board, notation)
Guidelines_ALICE_CC.pdf (submission, notation)
ccguidelinespresentationguidance.pdf (notation, example of slides)
CERN press room (search for a string)
CERN style guidelines
CERN dictionaries and encyclopedias
AIP style manual
PDG booklet 2018 (rather reliable notation reference)
PDG book 2018 (idem, 66 MBytes)


Dariusz Miskowiec (chair)
Gustavo Conesa Balbastre
Katarina Krizkova Gajdosova
Lee Barnby
Orlando Villalobos Baillie
Peter Jacobs
Philippe Crochet
Roberta Arnaldi (chair)
Roberto Preghenella
Siegfried Foertsch
Zaida Conesa del Valle
Spokesperson and deputies (ex officio)
Collaboration Board chair and deputies (ex officio)
Physics Coordinator and deputies (ex officio)
Editorial Board chairs (ex officio)

Mailing lists (excluding ex-officio) (including ex-officio) (chairs)


Conference Committee meetings indico
Physics Board meetings indico


Very useful TWiki page of CC chairs 2017-2019

Last update 23 October 2020