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Physics Board composition


Physics Coordination:

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Conveners of the Physics Working Groups (PWGs)

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  • PWG-CF: I. Altsybeev, A. Ohlson
  • PWG-DQ: M. Weber, M. Winn
  • PWG-GA: F. Bock, M. Germain
  • PWG-HF: A. Dubla, X. Zhang
  • PWG-JE: F. Krizek, M. Verweij
  • PWG-LF: L. Bianchi, A. Knospe
  • PWG-MM: P. Christiansen, A. Ortiz
  • PWG-UD: M. Broz, G.J. Contreras


Ex- officio members:

S. Masciocchi (Coll. Board Chair), M. Chartier and K. Oyama (Deputy Coll. Board Chairs), L. Musa (Spokesperson), B. Erazmus and M. Ploskon (Deputy Spokespersons), S. Piano (Computing Resources Coord.), M. Gagliardi (Trigger Coord.), T. Gunji (Run Coord.), W. Riegler (Technical Coord.), Y. Pachmayer and D. Dobrigkeit Chinellato (Editorial Board co-Chairs), R. Arnaldi and D. Miskowiec (Conf. Committee co-Chairs), A. Morsch (O2 Physics and Data Processing PL) and (Software, physics Data processing and Computing (SDC) coordinator), J. F. Grosse-Oetringhaus (Analysis Coordinator), C. Zampolli and F. Prino (Data Preparation Group Coord. and Deputy), R. Shahoyan (Barrel Tracking Group Coord.), J. Klein and M. van Leeuwen (Upgrade Coord.).

Ad-personam members:

At present there are no ad-personam members.


Physics Board meetings and minutes:



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