Access Requests

Access to the P2 site

Getting access to the ALICE RunControl Center (ARC)

The Alice RunControl is locked with an electronic lock. Your CERN access card should be enabled to open the ARC by sending an access request using ADAMS:

The  access requests shall be done only after the required safety trainings have been done and the access request should contain a valid justification and an end of validity date, which is either:
  • the end of activity date
  • latest the end of contract date marked in ADAMS
  • max. 2 years after start date of access request.

Make sure you have the following access permissions BEFORE you come to CERN (Persons registered as PART cannot request access, they need to wait to become User)

Permission to enter the ALICE Run Control Center (ARC)

  • 2285/R-207 (ALI-ACR) (*)

(*) note in ADaMS n¥and EDH the ARC is referred to as ACR. (*)

In addition, permission to access to the rest area at P2 

  • 2285/R-C19 (ALI-COF)

will be very useful because eating and drinking is strictly forbidden inside the control room. If you do not have access to the EDH system please ask the Alice secretariat for help.

Minimum access and safety training requirements for ALICE  shifters:

  • Access to P2 and all surface bldgs. with card reader doors needs the CERNPRIV 
  • To perform ALICE onsite shifts, access to ALICE Run Control Center (ALI-ACR) and ALICE Coffee Room (ALI-COF) is required.
  • This needs a valid eLearning ( Safety at CERN plus the validated access requestfrom ADAMS   
  • Every central onsite and remote shifter shall be able to take the SLIMOS role, which requires valid eLearning course (ALICE - Shift Leader in Matters of Safety (SLiMoS) at and validated access request for 2285K1-005 (access to SLIMOS keys in the ARC TRAKA cabinet). When the LEXGLIMOS has validated your request the SLIMOS permission is set automatically in SAMS and you can book shifts.
    • Access requests via ADaMS can only be done when one is properly registered as USER (or STAFF etc.).
    • In case a person passed SLIMOS course and cannot make the request ("You may not create requests for this person on this permission. Access denied by Page security check"), one should send a mail to to have the permission manually added into SAMS (allowing the booking of shifts).


For person who will have to work also in the ALICE underground areas (cavern and CRs) the following additional access rights, safety courses and PPEs are required:

To work in ALICE underground cavern UX25 requires:

  1. Safety at CERN
  2. Radiation Protection - Awareness
  3. Radiation Protection - Supervised Area
  4. CERN - Beam Facilities
  5. CERN - LHC Large Experiments
  6. ALICE - Surface and Underground Areas
  • A validated ADAMS access request for ALI UX
    Please do and send the access request for ALI UX only after you have completed the required eLearnings successfully!
  • PPEs (*): Helmet, Safety Shoes and Personal Dosimeter (**)
For obtaining a personal dosimeter see:
  • An  IMPACT “In Progress” with You declared as participant
An eLearning on IMPACT Fundamentals is provided at:

(*) PPE = Personal Protection Equipment 
(**) Personal Dosimeter is required all times in UX25 cavern. Personal Dosimeter is required to access CRs only during LHC beam operation and technical stops (TS) it is not required during LS2


To work in L3/ITS/FASS confined spaces or to perform the role of a watcher requires:

During LS2 (once the L3 doors are open) the L3/FASS areas will be not anymore a confined space and the above courses are not required to work there. 
  • If you have to work at height, Classroom course:
    Working at Heights - Using a Harness (course code: STHEI01IE)
  • PPEs: Helmet, Safety Shoes and Personal Dosimeter, Self-respiration apparatus (*), Harness (**)

(*) Self-respiration apparatus SRM pool available at P2 for ALICE Users
(**) Personal harness required only if working work at heigh

To work in the ALICE P2 CRs requires:

(*) PPE = Personal Protection Equipment, Wearing a Personal Dosimeter is mandatory during LHC beam operation

To work in the ALICE,P2 clean room requires:

  • Valid eLearning ( CERN Safety Introduction
  • validated EDH access request: ALI-CLR: Clean Room 2252/R-E21

To perform the role of a ALICE underground guide requires:

  • Classroom course: ALICE - Underground – Guide (code: STGUI02IE)
    For signing-up see: HSE Safety Training Website
  • In addition to ALI_UX the EDH access rights:  
    ALI UX-GUI and 2285K1-006, which are both set by the GLIMOS once the person has passed the required Classroom course.
  • An IMPACT “In Progress” with You declared as Guide to take out the visitor tokens.