For the central shifter

Make sure that you are properly registered at CERN and that you have requested access to the ALICE Run Control (ARC) and the Cafeteria at Point 2.

  1. Before your shift block starts it is recommended to read the corresponding sub-system Shift Manual here
  2. Every shifter must come to the ARC at least 15 min before his/her shift starts to ensure information transfer from the previous shifter.
  3. Every shifter must know who his/her Shift Leader (SL) and SLIMOS is.
  4. Training shifts come in blocks of 3 days. If you are accompanied by a trainee, you must make sure knowledge and skills are transferred. You are in charge of teaching the trainee for the first two days of his/her block. If you are the trainer on the third day then you must let the trainee operate (shadow shift) under your supervision and responsibility.
  5. Shifter is not allowed to leave ARC without notifying his/her SL. During data taking with beam a shifter should not leave building 2285 at all. Shifters should therefore bring their own food and have a lunch/dinner in the 2285-kitchen room.
  6. Shifter must immediately report any issue on his/her subsystem which prevents to perform the scheduled activities to the Shift Leader or Run Manager.
  7. A two-day break between shift blocks (either training or regular shifts) is enforced to respect the 36h CERN rule.
  8. Daily 4:30 pm meetings: Subsytem Run Coordinators (SRC), On-Call shifters or persons nominated by the SRC are expected to give a last-24h report and participate in the preparation of the next-24h plan.

For the training shifter 

Make sure that you are properly registered at CERN and that you have requested access to the ALICE RunControl (ARC) and the Cafeteria at Point 2.

  1. Training shifts are taken in blocks of three days and do not follow the MAN schedule (see below).
  2. As a trainee, make all effort to ensure optimal knowledge transfer from the trainer to you.
  3. The training shift block requires that on the third day you must operate (shadow shift) under the supervision of the trainer.
  4. Every trainee must go through a three-day training shift block to become eligible to take regular shifts (see below) 

For on-call shifter  

  1. On-call shifter should be reachable on the phone number as posted in SAMS for 24 hour shifts.
  2. In the case of an emergency unsolvable over the phone on-call expert should be able to come to ARC within 30 min to attend to the problem. It means that an on-call expert should be stationed at CERN during his/her on-call shift and have proper means of transportation.


  1. Everybody working or taking shifts in ARC should be registered on the email list. If you are not yet registered please visit CERN mail service,  e-groups (Mailing list) and search for alice-p2info.
  2. Shifter's working tool is the web-based ALICE LogBook. Please make sure that, before the beginning of your shift period, you have the write access privileges. These can be arranged by your  subsystem coordinator.

Working in ARC

  • All detector workstations are equivalent and have two high resolution screens (one each for DAQ and DCS)
  • The standard assignment is one workstation for each detector, and 1-2 people per workstation (if more than 2 people need to work on a detector, for special commissioning cases or to give on-call training, they should move to the upper working room - e.g. WR3- where more seats are available).
  • You may use additional workstations in the ARC provided that they are not needed by others.
  • Please keep the workstations clean since these will be used by others. Use the electronic logbook, don't clutter the desk with scrap paper.
  • If possible don't leave the workstation locked: log out unless critical tasks are running.