COMING TO the ALICE site (Point 2) and CERN

According to LS2 planning, we schedule to stop the shuttle circuit 3 by Monday 17 Dec. 2018 at 08:32.

COMING to the ALICE site (Point 2)


  • Local transportation with the bus Y

Coming to CERN for the first time

Before any shifts can be performed you must be registered in the CERN human resource database as a member of the Alice experiment.
Please contact the Alice secretariat before you come to CERN and make sure you collect the right papers and forms before you register at the CERN users' office. More information can be found on the Alice webpages


Getting a NICE account

In order to get access to many of the CERN facilities, including the automated shift booking system you need to obtain a NICE account from the IT department. 
For administrative matters, have a look at this page.  For ALICE physics matters refer to this page, if you could not find the information you were looking for please contact the  Alice secretariat.

Getting access to the ALICE Run Control Center (ARC)

The Alice Run Control Center is locked with an electronic lock. Your CERN access card should be enabled to open the ARC by sending a request using the EDH system.


Make sure you have the following access permissions (Persons registered as PART cannot request access, they need to wait to become User)

Permission to enter the ALICE Run Control Center (ARC)

  • 2285/R-207 (ALI-ACR) (*)

(*) note in EDH the ARC is referred to as ACR.

In addition, permission to access the restroom at P2

  • 2285/R-C19 (ALI-COF)

is highly recommended as eating and drinking is strictly forbidden inside the control room. If you do not have access to the EDH system please ask the Alice secretariat for help.