Shift Model

Shift model

A document describing the RUN1 fair share shift model can be downloaded here:  pdf

RUN2 Shift model: rotating schedule

As from 2015 ALICE adopted a rotating shift schedule. The basic shift block remains at 6 consecutive days. However the assigned time slots are no longer uniform as during Run1 (i.e. 6 shifts of the same kind in a row). The new model assigns a block as a unitary sequence of 2 morning (M), 2 afternoon (A) and 2 night (N) shifts. Such a block is referred to as the MMAANN block or in short MAN. 

The MAN rotating schedule also ensures that all shifters are exposed to the various peculiarities of the different types of shifts. Furthermore all blocks are equivalent to each other while night shifts are distributed evenly. Another advantage is that it offers an extra 8h of rest between shifts when the time slots change. 

Another important change is the definition of the time slots which are different to those in Run1:

  • M shift: 07h - 15h
  • A shift: 15h - 23h
  • N shift: 23h - 07h

The main reason for this change is to operate in sync with the LHC crew shift change in the CCC to minimize disruptions. In addition it is somewhat easier to start a night shift at 23h (both in avoiding to wait 1 extra hour without sleep and not to be confused from starting at midnight).