Obtaining Shift Permissions

Your registration in the Alice Shift Accounting and Management System (SAMS) is automatically imported from the ALICE database (GLANCE) status. Hence, in order to take shifts you must be first of all registered in GLANCE.

Shift permissions for central shifts are obtained as follows:

  1. A training class must be attended (Regular classes will be announced by the relative SRC)
  2. Once you are registered for the class you will be able to pre-book training and regular shifts, however you will not have permissions to take these yet.
  3. A test must be successfully passed in order to be allowed to take the training shift block of 3 days (TTS).
  4. Once the TTS block is taken, the TRC or SRC/RC will give you the rights to perform the regular shifts (for that particular subsystem)  

The detector and On-Call shift permissions are given by the relevant SRC upon custom training. 

The shift credit accounting (DUE/DONE) is performed automatically by SAMS using the GLANCE database. 

Should you perform any of the following coordination roles it is mandatory to be identified in GLANCE as such so that you can manage your subsystem shift operations in SAMS.

  • SRC or deputy SRC
  • TC or deputy TC
  • TRC (Training Coordinator)
  • SLC (Shift Leader Coordinator)