ALICE secretariat and Covid-19 latest news

Latest update: 22 June 2021

This page is to inform you latest updates regarding the opening of the secretariat on site according to the Covid-19 outbreak, as well as to inform you new safety measures at the secretariat, and to inform you other important changes concerning the Covid-19 matters.

This page does not replace the HSE website. Latest updates are sent weekly by the Covid-19 channels.

The secretariat is currently teleworking, and open only one day per week. We inform you, on a weekly basis, which day of the week it will be open to the collaborators.

In rotation, one of us will be present at CERN, while the others will continue to work remotely, until further notice. 

Nathalie, Julia and Guylaine are of course available by email, telephone, zoom or skype. Do not hesitate to contact us! 

Traveling to CERN

Please be aware that the access to CERN sites has been modified,

  • All members of the personnel, including USERs, may work on-site two days per week without further justification. For a longer stay , they need the authorisation of their respective hierarchy, the Collaboration Spokesperson or Technical Coordinator for the ALICE users, the EP Department Head for Corresponding Associates (COASs) and Visiting Scientists (VISCs). 
  • Teleworking information can be found here :

CERN will remain in level 3 until further notice. Corresponding measures are detailed here:

Laissez-passer for members of the personnel coming to Switzerland from third countries that do not require a visa

They are advised to obtain a laissez-passer document from their local Swiss embassy or consulate before travelling in order to facilitate their trip. Up-to-date information on the rules for entering Switzerland applicable to people visiting an international organization in an official capacity are available here:

In all cases, travellers are advised to contact the relevant consulate or airline a few days before departure to find out about the applicable conditions.

Before coming take careful note of the quarantine imposed by CERN

People arriving from a country or area that is considered by the Host States (France or Switzerland) to be high risk for COVID-19 are required to quarantine for ten days following their arrival in the local area.

The quarantine might be reduced to seven days on presentation of a negative RT-PCR test conducted after seven days of quarantine.

French list

Swiss list

Upon your arrival, please declare yourself either by e-mail or by phone +41 22 766 7777.

See here for more details:

Useful links

ALICE secretariat website
Users' Office
Departmental Secretariat
Housing / foyer services
Host States Relations Service

Invitation letter website


Prior to accessing the CERN site, you will need to complete the following steps :

  1. Pass the CERN COVID-19 Training Course

All newcomers coming on the CERN sites have to pass a compulsory COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures at CERN training course in order to access the CERN sites. 

This course is available from the Learning Hub.

  1. Sign the CERN COVID-19 Self-Declaration

All newcomers coming on the CERN sites must sign a form to declare that they have read and understood the current COVID-19 related access restrictions in force at CERN.

Please read the accompanying Instructions before signing the declaration.

→ The Declaration is available here in English and in French and must be provided to Building 55.

  1. Proximeter

Please arrange to collect your proximeter as soon as possible, and remember, it becomes mandatory while on-site at CERN from 1 March. You can book an appointment to collect your proximeter.

Past communications

Dear ALICE Colleagues, 

I am pleased to inform you of the new possibility to make the Covid-19 test at CERN.

First, please take note that as of 8th February 2021, all travellers flying to Switzerland have to present a negative PCR test* taken in the last 72 hours.

Indeed, you must be able to show proof of a negative coronavirus test in 2 situations:

1) If you enter Switzerland by air;
2) If you have stayed in a country with an increased risk of infection within the 10 days before entering Switzerland. In this case you must always be able to show proof of a negative test result, even if you enter Switzerland by bus, rail, car, etc.

negative PCR test*: The test must have been conducted no more than 72 hours before your entry to Switzerland. It must have been a molecular-biological analysis for the new coronavirus, for example a PCR test. The result of a rapid antigen test is not sufficient. The result of the test must be negative.


The possibility to be tested rapidly at CERN is now possible : on-site testing is available for persons working on site who are vulnerable, as well as for Users on duty travel on behalf of their institutes, travelling to countries that require a test prior to entry and for which a negative PCR test is required. The agreement is that Users should fill-in a TREQ request** with zero costs for CERN.

TREQ request**Prior to travel, the CERN Duty Travel Request form (TREQ) must be completed by the traveller in EDH.

The authorization of ALICE Spokesperson (or the Department Head) should be attached to the TREQ (not necessary if they have signed the document).

With the approved TREQ, the User may ask for an appointment to the Medical Service to get tested. The sampling will be done at the Medical Service and analysed by the laboratory which CERN has a contract with. This arrangement is strictly for travels for professional reasons. For more information, visit

To request a test, write to


I would like to kindly remind everyone that the use of a Proximeter on site will be compulsory as from 1st March 2021.

The introduction of the Proximeter, a device that everyone with a CERN ID will be required to carry while on-site from March onwards has started. Its main purpose is to improve CERN’s response to the challenges of COVID-19, making the Laboratory a safer place for everyone. For the system to work effectively, each and every one of us will need to wear the device while at work. Please get your Proximeter as soon as possible. 

You can collect your Proximeter device ( at 8 locations at CERN. You must book a slot beforehand to collect your Proximeter at

Information about the Proximeter is available through the Service Portal:

 (A new online course “COVID-19 - Proximeter & Contact Tracing” is available via the Safety Training catalogue on CERN’s Learning Hub. To enrol, click here:*ALL*&DECORATEPAGE=N )

Should you have any question or need any help regarding your work on site, please contact

New electronic access system on 301/R-027

An electronic access system has been installed on the door 301/R-027, space currently used to store the Personal Protective Equipment (disinfectants, masks, etc..), close the ALICE secretariat.

From now on, you have to read your card monthly to be able to access this room. This room is accessible to ALICE members only.

Here is the list of electronic locks validation station per buildings: KB0004041 - List of Electronic Locks Validation Stations per buildingCERN Service Portal: easy access to services at CERN (

The closer is located at building 55/R-201, entrance B, next to the dosimeter reader.

And a useful How to use an electronic locks?

Secretariat entrance

The current entrance of the ALICE secretariat will be out of use and only the access through the door R-029 will be open (next to the Spokesperson’s office door). 

The circulation flow has been reviewed accordingly, and please note only 1 visitor will be accepted at the same time.

Personal Protective Equipment: We remind you that 2 masks per day per person are sufficient, please respect this at the best.

We will continue to provide PPEs 24/24 in the small room close to the secretariat. In order to manage the stock in a more efficient way, we will kindly ask you to write down your name, the date and which PPE you take and in which quantity. An inventory sheet will be at your disposal.

Reminder :

When entering the secretariat, you must :

  • Wear a mask;
  • Disinfect your hands (hydro alcoholic gel is at your disposal at the entrance of the secretariat);
  • Identify yourself on a notebook to keep track of your visit;
  • Respect the limit of maximum 1 visitor at the same time;
  • Respect the social distancing of 2 meters;
We would like to kindly ask you to take note of the following applying changes in the secretariat:
  • The stationary is now closed to public, in case you need material, we invite you to ask us directly and we shall be able to give you what you need;
  • The use of the printer situated inside the secretariat (301-R029-HPSEC1) is no longer possible, please use the printer-scanning-copy machine (301-RCOR-CANON1) located in the corridor next to the entrance;
  • Our Shop is closed to public until further notice, nevertheless if you really need to purchase item(s), please consult our webpage dedicated to the shop and contact us by e-mail at least one day before, we will be pleased to prepare your order you would pay and collect at the secretariat during the opening hours. No clothes try-on is authorised. If an item does not fit we will not be able to replace it, we thank you in advance for your understanding;
  • Coffee machine and EDEN water dispensers are no longer available, until further notice.
In addtion, when you have booked one of the ALICE conference room, please note: 
  • Keys of our meeting rooms are available in the outbox, outside in the corridor. Please, take time to disinfect them before returning, disinfectant and hydro alcoholic gel are at your disposal next to the keys;
  • Rooms capacity in all meeting rooms is 5 persons, you must wear a mask even when seated, and open the windows throughout the meeting 

Reminder: before returning to CERN, you must:

And once at CERN, you must:

  • Collect your Personal Protective Equipment (such as masks, gloves, hydro alcoholic gel, disinfectant, wipes or plastic shield/screen protection) at the two self-service points : at P2 (building 3294/R-001) or next to the ALICE secretariat (coffee room 301/R-027);
  • Respect the CERN COVID-19 related health and safety measures;
  • Be aware no ALICE visits are possible until en of March 2021. 
We also would like to remind you that the use of shared office is strongly discouraged, if not possible to do otherwise we invite you to inform us.
FYI, the CERN Territorial Space Officer (TSO) of your building is also here to help and assist you. You can find his/her name at this link.
CERN official documentations: 
We look forward to seeing you soon and please do not hesitate to contact us (every working days from 8h30 to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 17h30) by e-mail or telephone as we do work remotely as well and are happy to continue to assist or advise you in the best possible way regardless the situation.

With our very best regards,
Nathalie, Guylaine & Julia