FAQ on Safety Issues

Who must pay for safety improvement to a sub-detector ?

Safety must be an integral part of any project. Safety officers and Safety Commission are there to warn you (the project) about needed improvements. The collaborating institutes to the project have to pay for them, as they pay to build their sub-detector.

Who has to pay for personal safety equipment?

The project must pay for the personal safety equipment for their personnel, as they pay for any tooling or equipment (safety is part of the project.)

What to do if your access card has been damaged ?

Just go to bldg 55 and get a new card.

What to do in case of problem of access?

If you try to access a give site where your access card is required, and the access is denied…

  • If you think the card reader if faulty, ask help from the TSO of the area.
  • If you suspect a software (database) problem, go and check your access rights on HRT (->PersonsAccess->Overview or Access Details->enter your name, and check your ‘active’ rights, including validated safety courses. If you have not attended the proper safety course, go for it. If you don’t have the proper access right, ask for it on EDH. If else…contact the GLIMOS.

Do I have to wear my personal protective equipments (PPEs) when I just go to visit a working area at Point-2 ?

YES ! As a staff member or user (or member of an outside company), you should always wear your PPEs while entering an area where it is mandatory, even if you ‘just go there for a visit’ – a fortiori if you go there to lead a visit !