The ALICE Safety Team


Safety Officers in PH Department


Safety Team for Alice

LEXGLIMOS = Large EXp. Group Leader in Matter Of Safety :  Klaus Barth 16-3204 none
Deputy LEXGLIMOSAndre Augustinus 16-3534 none
FGSO = Flammable Gas Safety Oficer : Arturo Tauro 16-2529 none
RSO = Radiation Safety Officer :  Klaus Barth 16-3204 none
TSO for Point-2 ALICE bldg.s = Territorial Safety Officer :  Klaus Barth 16-3204 none
Deputy TSO for Point-2 ALICE bldg.s : Arturo Tauro 16-2529 none
Safety Coordinator for Point-2 : Michel Bonnet 16-6347 none


Other TSOs for Alice buildings ; use SOS from the "Tools" in the Safety Pages of CERN