ALICE Run Manager (18 Sep - 1 Oct 2023):  Cristian Andrei

Cristian Andrei is a physicist from Bucharest NIPNE. He is a specialist in pion, kaon, and proton production in high multiplicity pp events, studying the dependency of their production as a function of charged particle multiplicity and event shape. He is an active member of the PWG-LF and has made significant contributions and has been member of several analysis and paper review committees (ARC, IRC). Cristian has substantial experience in data taking and ALICE operation at P2. Since 2016, he has taken up all central shifter positions: ECS, DCS, QC and SL. He has experience operating ALICE during the previous heavy ion run period and was a Run Manager in 2018.

Cristian will face an incredible challenge as he will be in charge of the first RUN 3 Heavy Ion data taking. The ion run is scheduled after a break of 10 weeks (with only 17 hours of stable beam). During this time, major components were deployed, integrated, and validated with cosmics, synthetic and replay data.

To make sure we collect a beautiful heavy ion data sample, Cristian, like all Run Managers before him, knows he can count on the incredible spirit of all experts of P2.


More details are on the ALICE Run Coordination website.