ALICE Run Manager (1-15 May 2023): Livia Terlizzi

Livia is a junior member of the collaboration from the Torino group. She is an expert on Resistive Plate Chambers and the MID system. She worked on the MID upgrade for RUN3 with new bakelite electrodes and worked on the performances of MID during the first year of data taking. She is one of the ALICE representatives of the eco-gas collaboration of CERN.  This year she is the MUON System Run Coordinator, and she is in charge of both MID and MCH systems. In 2022, she took a large number of central shifts, in addition to MID and ZDC On-calls. She also ensured more than two Run Manager (RM) mandates and was regularly available to support the operation when last-minute reinforcements were needed during the critical phase (RM replacement, missing shifters). She is so committed to the operations at P2 that she accepted an RM mandate for critical operations, four days after defending her Ph.D. on "An upgraded muon identification system for ALICE at the LHC: from detector construction to testing and re-commissioning".

During her mandate, Livia will coordinate the finalisation of the machine ramp-up reaching 500 kHz interaction for the first time in the year. We are running today at 100 kHz. As soon as this is reached, she will coordinate the ALICE intensity scan taking data from 10kHz to 4 MHz in preparation for Pb-Pb data taking.

More details are on the ALICE Run Coordination website.