ALICE Run Manager (21 Aug - 3 Sep  2023): Nicolo Valle


Nicolo Valle is post-doc at Pavia. During his Ph.D., he was a specialist in Z decaying into 2 muons with the muon spectrometer. He could measure the Z boson production yield and R_AA in Pb-Pb collisions at 5.02 TeV with RUN 2 data.  Since 2019 he took care of the development of the new ALICE inner tracking system, both on the hardware side, being in charge of the mechanical aging test of ITS upgrade and on the software side, having developed part of the ITS synchronous QC and being an expert of the ITS calibration. Thanks to this expertise, he ensures the responsibility of the ITS System Run Coordinator since the last 2 years.
During his mandate, Nicolo will be in charge of resuming operation with Beam after more than 5 weeks of pause because of the Inner triplet insulation vacuum incident happening on the 17th of July. During the first week of his mandate, Nicolo will coordinate the completion and finalisation of all tests and access. He will be in charge of coordinating a deep review of the data-taking conditions after each software upgrade. During his second week, he will prepare the experiment for all LHC plans (tests, injection transfer line tests) in view of the beam circulating in the machine on 31 August.


More details are on the ALICE Run Coordination website.