ALICE Run Manager (4 - 17 March 2024): Adam Matyja

Adam is a physicist from Cracow. He was the Physics Analysis Group (PAG) coordinator of ultra-peripheral collisions (UPC) between 2021 and 2023. He worked for the TPC Krypton calibration in Run 1 and Run 2. In Run 2 he was EMCAL Photon analysis coordinator and worked on EMCAL time calibration. He has a strong experience in central shifts with many central positions covered since the beginning of ALICE Operations. 

During his mandate, Adam will supervise the restart of machine commissioning, TED and TDI shots, Magnet ramp-up, and first beams circulating in the LHC. During this first part of the machine commissioning the experiment will remain Super Safe (SS). Adam will therefore coordinate the validation and final commissioning of all the developments carried out during the YETS. He will supervise the data taking with global SYNTHETIC and REPLAY runs, as well as COSMIC runs whenever the LHC schedule allows to operate the detectors in nominal conditions.



More details are on the ALICE Run Coordination website.